Future of Web 3.0 – What You Can Expect?

In the last few months, “Web 3.0” has been a hot topic in the circles of computer giants and scientists. Web 3.0 is used to explain the future generation of the internet. It will be a full augment of the oast iteration of the internet. Web 2.0 was a simple up-gradation from Web 1.0. Web 3.0, on the other side, will be a more complex up-gradation. It will possess all that previous versions have and features that are beyond what these had. In the first version of Web 1.0, users were able to ask for information. This, in return, provided information that users could access and read. The users were enabled to interact with the provided information. While on the other side Web, 2.0 provides ways for user interaction with the information they get. This version opened the age of social media, digital applications and apps.

Future of Web 3.0:

The analysis predicts that Web 3.0 will be a distinct way of approaching web interaction. Many web scientists predict that it would change the way users access the Web and alter the way developers develop it. Technology and computer scientists are looking for creating complex artificial intelligence systems to make the functions of the internet easier and intuitive. These functions may include search development or app development. It will not only assess and compare the keywords. It will also consider other things like delve, context, slang, and lexicon more into the intent of the human language.

Web 1.0 provided us with the WWW (World Wide Web). It is a worldwide network of webs. It has many shortcomings. Further, it was static, had no content for users to interact with. There was not any user interface. It was boring as it did not consider the enjoyment of the users. The advancement in technology of providing us with Web 2.0. It provided us with fast internet and an era of interaction. It is what we all know and adores now. Further, it is a network that consists of webs that you can observe and interact with. The interaction feature provided us with social media, music streaming, online games, Journal photos and many other features. This advancement of the Web comes up with the option that anyone can publish his works. Anyone can share his thought. Anyone can create communities of people with similar thoughts.

What Can You Expect From Web 3.0?

The technology of the Web 2 come at a great price as people start sharing their thoughts, personal information. Some large organisations started noticing their activities. These organisations started collecting information on search queries, medical data, visited websites, and other sensitive issues. The organisations sell this information to those who want to buy them. The future of Web 3.0 will develop the features that will reduce these issues. It is promised to provide full encryption of data for its users. This will not allow companies to collect data and sell them to other companies. In short, the companies will not be able to collect data without permission.

Decentralised Control

Chris Greenwalty, a researcher and dissertation help provider told that the future of Web 3.0 will provide the opportunity to its users to control personal data. Furthermore, they will decide how complex their encryption will be.

Ownership of Data

Organisations make millions of dollars by selling the data to users. Every user has to agree with the End User Licensing agreement. Also, this agreement completely favours the organisation. Web 3.0 will alter this completely.

Usage of Cross-platform

At present, the organisations have the opportunity to make their app exclusive to their devices. The future of Web 3.0 promises that the applications will become customizable. Also, they can be accessed from any device.

Freedom in Services

The success of cryptography depends on its decentralised mode of working. This will make Web 3.0 more secure. There will be no point where governments, organisations, and hackers can breach this service. The storage of data will not depend on a single server. It will be divided into different nodes and will have many backups. This will provide strength to data security. It will also prevent the failure of the full system.


Web 3.0 advocates believe that Web 3.0 is already in use. While the use of Siri, Google Voice show our increased dependence on the internet. This means that simple functions of searches are already in use. But the organisations Shopify Expert and governments still have control over what people can access and what they cannot. However, we expect that the upgraded version of Web 2.0 will be a more complex and interactive one. It will provide complete encryption to its users.

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