What’s the Difference Between Art and Canvas Prints? 

Let’s start by taking a closer look at each of them individually in order to fully comprehend the distinction between an art print and canvas print. After that, we’ll compare and contrast the two.


What Is the Definition of an Art Print?

The terms “art print” and “fine art print” should not be used in the same sentence.

Art prints can be readily mass-produced without the assistance of the artist who created the original artwork, and they’re often printed on white, premium cotton paper with high-quality inks to give them a professional appearance. The paper used for an art print is often matte and might be smooth or gently textured, depending on the artist’s preference.

If you visit prominent art websites, you’ll immediately see that what they refer to as an art print is actually artwork printed on medium-weight cotton paper with a white border around the edge. It is typical for art prints to have a white border around the artwork to allow for framing, but this is not required.


What Is a Canvas Print and How Do I Get One?

In the printing industry, a canvas print is an image that has been printed (from a printer) on canvas material. Canvas prints resemble oil and acrylic paintings in appearance because their surfaces have the same texture as the paintings.

Generally speaking, canvas prints are constructed of cotton, polyester, or linen (flax). Canvas surfaces are made from a variety of fibres, including hemp and jute, which are considered specialist fibres.

Modern canvas prints are usually offered for sale as some type of stretched canvas print.. This just indicates that the canvas has been drawn taut over a wooden frame and secured in place. The staples that secure the stretched canvas to the wooden frame will be located on either the sides or the rear of the stretched canvas, depending on the design.


When it comes to art prints, what’s the difference between an art print and a canvas print?

The most significant distinction between an art print and a canvas print is the surface on which the print is created. Art prints are printed on paper, whereas canvas prints are printed on canvas as the print’s surface.

An art print will be thinner than a canvas print and will look better framed since it will have less texture than a canvas print. An art print will also cost less than a canvas print. A stretched canvas print, on the other hand, will look fantastic whether it is framed or not.


Art prints and canvas prints are more similar than they are unlike when it comes to appearance.

The majority of high-quality art prints and canvas prints available today are giclees, which are prints that have been created using an inkjet printer to produce the image.

Typically, giclees adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Typical inkjet prints are created using dye-based inks on a standard inkjet printer. Giclees are prints that are created using pigment-based inks.
  • High Resolution and Color: They have the sharpest detail and highest resolution, as well as the ability to display a full colour spectrum on their screens. Giclee prints faithfully reproduce the colours and textures of an original piece.
  • archival surface: To ensure long-term durability, the paper or canvas must be acid-free and of archival quality. archival surface

The requirements outlined above are what distinguish giclees as high-quality art prints that are extremely resistant to fading and yellowing over time.


Is a Canvas Print a Better Investment Than an Original Art Print?

However, if you are having difficulty picking between a canvas print and an art print, here are some considerations to keep in mind…

Art Prints in Frames: A Fantastic Option for All Types of Artwork and Photographs

Art prints, in my opinion and the opinion of many art buyers, are a fantastic alternative for any type of artwork or photograph, regardless of the subject matter. Especially if the print is crisp and is displayed in a high-quality frame, this is true.

When in doubt about whether or not you should get a canvas print or an art print, you can’t go wrong with a framed art print as a starting point. It will have a great finished appearance if it is enclosed in a frame.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on matting and framing an art print.


Art Prints or Canvases for Photographs: Which Is Best?

With regard to photography, particularly close-ups of people or animals, the general consensus appears to be that a framed art print is the most appropriate format for display.

In addition, I have to admit that the very concept of having a family portrait put on a canvas makes me cringe for some strange reason.

When opposed to a photographic print, the texture of a canvas will typically not reflect the finer details and sharpness of a picture as well.

For my part, I believe that a fine art snapshot of a landscape, a structure, or nature can appear stunning; when printed on canvas. Adding a canvas print of the Eiffel Tower, a relaxing beach scene, or flowers to your house; or business, for example, might be a lovely touch. In the majority of these instances; it does not appear that the details have been overlooked at all.



In my opinion, canvas prints work best when the printed picture is a photograph of a handmade piece of art; such as a painting, a drawing, or a computer-generated artwork. The texture of the canvas will give the impression that the print is a genuine piece of art; rather than a reproduction.

The fact that canvas printing are typically far less expensive than original paintings or standard framed prints makes them an excellent choice for those of us on a tight budget.



Most of us don’t have millions of dollars to spend on famous paintings by well-known painters, therefore canvas prints and art prints are excellent alternatives to original paintings.

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