What to Expect in Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai allows you to go on a trip to explore the golden soft sand with wilderness. While doing a safari in the desert there are many cautions and Things that might happen To prevent all those you just need to choose a well-known trip guide to make sure all things go well under all circumstances. The guide should be chosen carefully to make your trip relaxed and enjoy the trip wholeheartedly. You can see beautiful sunsets, sunrise, hummer safari desert, campsite, traditional food, dances, dinners,  camels,  grains of sand and many more:



In deserts, you can see sand all over the place in desert safari Dubai. Yes!! Obviously, all the deserts have sand. Sand comes all along with you like even with an edge of the body of any object. And Sand gets into things like the last crevice of anything that you bought for dessert. And Sand goes with everything that you bought along. Generally, people come to Dubai just to escape from their busy life and to relax and get chilled.

People mostly come to explore the ecosystem which exists only in Dubai. If really don’t know what to explore and where to explore just pack your bags and just give us a call. We’ll plan all the places to explore and guide you the whole trip.


During the safari, the adventurous thing feels like you are flying over dunes. You do not need to worry because all the drivers are well trained. All the drivers along vehicles wait in a line where the Bedouin takes place. At campsites, tourists are invited and can sit on the low lying couches and enjoy the entertainment. You can go for a safari on camels, you can have a smoke.


The best part of the safari desert trip is the feast. You can have group servings of barbecue while eating, you enjoy the fire shows, traditional dances, world-famous belly dance. You will also have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.


Desert safaris start in the mid-afternoon and are complete by evening. When all the entertainment and people will get back to their respective cars. Then back to hotels. You can get photographer clicks during the dune safaris. You can buy them from photographers on sight. The photographers are professional photographers which make and keep memories for years.


Camels Up Close:


There are different kinds of camels that exist in Dubai. You can go for camel rides like how ancient people used to explore the desert on a camel. You can leisurely ride on a camel. Besides taking pictures of animals you can interact with them. You can see many sceneries in the desert. The ride will be like a short camel ride.

Sand buggy:

Your adventure will start at Sojourn at a campsite. Here you will have a fabulous and unforgettable experience. Here you can practice sandboarding. You can race with the adventures with your friends along the region of the landscape. You can rent dune buggies you can drive to experience the desert alone or along with a group of your friends. At the campsite, some artists will entertain you with their performances.

You can just lay back and enjoy the shows along with food and drinks. You can watch the clear sky with twinkling stars.If you want to enjoy more sand dunning you can go to a place near Sharjah which is an hour from the city so that you can dune there. It is the desert that sank in lahbab at Sharjah. This is a great adventure. You can admire the sunset views and can enjoy them by clicking photos. You can explore old Dubai and the landscapes which is the great adventure of deserts.

Hot Air Balloon Safari :

Early Morning riding on a hot air balloon, you can see the sunrise that makes the sand look like golden grains. Only Hot air balloon ride gives you a view of a bird of the safari desert from high.

You can see rustic views of Dubai through hot air balloons. On a hot air balloon, up to 24 people can ride at a time. You will have a guide along who explains about all the things and places around. Opportunity to click pictures of the National bird of the UAE falcon bird.

You can elevate your travel with all the experiences by choosing the correct guide and better ones. You will have a terrific experience with us and we will deal with well-organized plans. We offer the best packages to explore Desert Safari Dubai and all the places and adventures. You can choose plans according to the places you wanted to visit.


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