Digital Nomads Enjoying the Millionaire Lifestyle in Phuket Thailand

There is a new breed of person; he or she works online and this brings with it a level of freedom that has never been seen before. There is a growing number of professional people who either work remotely or manage their own business and one of the popular destinations for digital nomads is Phuket in Thailand.

Why Thailand?

When you can work in any location, this opens up many options and Thailand is a very appealing destination in more ways that one. The cost of living is much lower than in Europe or America, which is a major incentive to relocate to a tropical paradise. In many respects, Thailand is on a par with developed nations; they have fantastic roads and hi-speed Internet is available, with country-wide coverage. You can enjoy a great lifestyle in Phuket and it won’t break the bank.

Making connections

There is a diverse mixture of expat entrepreneurs staying in the region and the fully equipped meeting rooms in Phuket are often the venue for digital entrepreneur gatherings. Regardless of your field, you will make some valuable connections when living in Phuket. There are co-working spaces where entrepreneurs go for a chilled work ambience; pleasant coffee shops with free Wi-Fi, great coffee and a relaxing ambience.

Work anywhere at any time

If you register for an unlimited data Internet SIM card package for your smartphone, you can hotspot your laptop whenever you want to be online. Of course, your hotel or condo would have a Broadband connection, while your smartphone is always online and all for less than $50 a month! You can check your email and communicate with your supplier from a beach in Phuket, while you can have real-time video meetings with your sales team or clients.

Thailand ticks all the boxes

While the Land of Smiles might not be perfect for everyone, the majority of people who visit end up smitten with the colourful culture and when you can live anywhere, why not relocate to Thailand? The climate is appealing to many (there is no winter in Thailand) and when you work online, you can relocate at any time. Some entrepreneurs escape to Thailand in the autumn and return to Europe in March or April, missing the harsh European winter; others have 3 or 4 locations around the world that they frequent. If you would like to know more about space tourism, here is an interesting article on the topic.

Choice of accommodation

You could start with a month at a beach hotel in Phuket and look for a more long-term solution; long-stay hotel deals are actually very reasonable and for many, this is the best way to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. If you want the ultimate, rent a pool villa for a year and you won’t regret it.

If you are planning a holiday in Thailand with a view to relocating, make sure you check the current entry requirements from the Thai Embassy in your country.

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