Corbett Park open for tourists from today, Jungle Safari will be according to the old system

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

With its diverse animals and magnificent terrain, the Corbett Tiger Reserve has piqued the interest of many. The natural beauty of the area was recognised long ago, and in 1936, Corbett was designated as the first National Park in continental Asia. The park was once known as ‘Hailey National Park,’ before being renamed ‘Corbett National Park,’ after James Edward Corbett, a well-known hunter who eventually became a conservationist in the area. When the Government of India started ‘Initiative Tiger’ in 1971, the area became part of this enormous conservation project.


Now you can tour Dhela, Jhirna, Bijrani and Garjia zones. Tourists will do jungle safari according to the old system.


The gates of Jim Corbett National Park, which were closed due to Corona epidemic, have been opened for tourists from Tuesday. Corbett Park was closed for tourists in May. On Tuesday, Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat welcomed the tourists at Bijrani Gate and gave entry to the tourists for jungle safari in the park.

Due to Corona, tourism activities in all the protected areas, National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoo Tiger Reserve were imposed by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in Uttarakhand till June 29.

Now the ban on tourism activities in all the areas has been removed by the Forest Department. Along with this, the work of film production, research etc. will also be done as before. Chief Wildlife Warden JS Suhag has issued an order in this regard. In which it has been said that during this time all the measures to prevent Kovid infection will be followed.

On the other hand, on the first day, more than 500 tourists visited Corbett Park. The park’s launch, on the other hand, is projected to boost Ramnagar’s tourism industry. Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat greeted tourists at Bijrani Gate on Tuesday. The Dhela, Jhirna, Bijrani, Garjia, and Pakhro ranges of Corbett have been allowed for day visits, according to the Forest Minister. For the first time during the monsoon season, Corbett has been opened. All precautions have been taken to ensure the tourists’ safety.

Grasslands being prepared by uprooting Lantana

Lantana grass, which has grown in most areas of Rajaji Tiger Reserve. increased the problems of the wildlife of the Tiger Reserve as well as the officials. Due to the abundance of Latana grass, the natural lifestyle of wildlife is being affected. Simultaneously, wildlife populations are entering the area.

Conflicts between humans and wildlife are also on the rise. The Tiger Reserve Administration has launched a campaign in this regard. DK Singh, director of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, indicated that a scheme is in place to eradicate Lantana grass. Those regions are ploughed with a tractor after the lantana grass has been trimmed with the help of staff. After the lantana is removed, a nice grass species will be put in its place. So that the Lantana-affected regions can be turned into pasture.

Let us tell you that under Project Tiger in Rajaji Tiger Reserve and Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, continuous program is being done for the elimination of Lantana, which is being run on the orders of National Tiger Conservation Authority. Along with the removal of lantana, new grasses of state-of-the-art species will also be planted.

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