A Splendid Visit To Dubai- Everything You Need To know

Everything You Need To know

Dubai is a city with a vast and dynamic culture and history. Undoubtedly, this is the most opulent place in UAE, perhaps globally. The picturesque beauty of the beaches with clear blue water makes these picture-perfect. The tall majestic buildings, splendid desert safari Dubai tour, modernized hotels, and malls attract tourists worldwide. You can plan a trip to this beautiful city, read about what you must not miss out on during your stay here.

The Burj Khalifa

Are you interested in architecture? Then visit the tallest man-made building in the whole wide world- the Burj Khalifa. This marvel is 828 meters tall and has over 200 floors, and boasts of a mall known as the Dubai Mall. However, it is costly to visit and has advanced security checks, so prepare ahead of time for this trip.

The Malls

If you like malls with high-end branded items, then Dubai will not disappoint you in this regard either. There are many such malls wherein you can buy things, eat out and shop all day long. A few examples would be Burjuman, Wafi Mall & Mall of Emirates, etc.

Desert safari dubai
Desert safari dubai

Skiing in winter

Dubai itself does not have snowfall, but if you wish to go skiing, then there is no place better than this place in the world which people around the world visit during winters when there is snowfall in the mountains. This tourist destination is in the mountains and provides a scenic view in winter. The skiing facility in these places lets you ski and do other activities like paragliding and sledding, etc.

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Burj Al Arab

Where there are luxury hotels, one can always find Burj Al Arab-the 7 star hotel known for its spectacular views of the magnificent city of Dubai. It has 3 6 meter high masts, which are the tallest flag poles worldwide. It also has an impressive spa, restaurants with exquisite interiors, and an indoor aquarium! So if this place looks attractive to you, then never forget to pay a visit here on your tour to Dubai!

Desert Safari Dubai

Well, who would not love to go and play in the desert? Going on a Desert Safari Dubai, watching the sunset, and enjoying delicious cuisines is what makes this trip fun. The best part of the trip is being able to dance and party with locals at night. And if you are lucky then even meet some celebrities! So for such an experience, there is no place like Dubai.

The shopping

Shopping is something which one can never stop doing it. If you know how to bargain well, it would be very easy for you to buy many things from here on your visit. You can either visit markets or malls but keep in mind that both separate charge rates for different items, so make sure you find it all out in advance before agreeing to buy anything.

The Souks

The only piece of advice which must be given while visiting this place is never to get carried away by the beauty and variety of items you see. The market or souk here consists of many stalls where everything is available, including the famous Burj Al Arab souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out these places as well!


If you are interested in exotic animals, visit the Dubai zoo. It does not have many animals but is well maintained and has an aquarium. If you are seeing this for the first time, then do prepare to be amazed at how well these animals have been taken care of even while being kept away from their natural habitat.

Why Visit Dubai being a tourist?

Dubai is a tourist spot for people interested in the natural beauty of an area and enjoys partying and shopping. Some people visit here just for this reason too. This city has everything you could imagine, from the largest malls, tallest buildings, beautiful beaches, Desert safari Dubai, wildlife, etc. So do make sure that you go there at least once in your lifetime if you have the means to do so because it would truly be worth it!

Wrap It Up!

Dubai is indeed a splendid place for taking a break from your boring lives-it’s not called the city of luxuries for nothing. Tourists who visit this place are sure to go back with wonderful memories. This modernized desert city offers tourists an ideal mix of history and development, thus providing ample opportunities for great fun. So what are you waiting for? Head to Dubai and have the time of your life. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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