What is the similarity and difference between the REET and CTET exam?

What is the similarity and difference between the REET and CTET exam?

 Both the REET and the CTET are exams conducted on different state and national levels to access potential teachers. The CTET, also known as the Central Teacher Eligibility Test. CTET is a national level examination conducted by the Central Board for Secondary Education or the CBSE. This examination is conducted twice a year. This exam tests the capabilities of the people appearing for their exam on their potential to teach students in classes between 1 and 8 across the country. 

The CTET is conducted in 20 different languages because several aspirants want to teach different linguistics. Therefore, the question paper has a medium in 20 different languages. The centres to give the exam are located in approximately 359 locations across India. There are only two requirements for the exam: the age of the aspirant should be at least 17. The candidate should be an Indian citizen. 

REET is Rajasthan Teachers Eligibility Exam. As the name suggests, this exam takes place in the state of Rajasthan. The Government of Rajasthan provides this opportunity for aspirants that want to apply for the posts of Level l and Level II teachers. There are some educational qualifications and age limit restrictions on this exam. 

You can avail online coaching for both REET and CTET on BYJU’S Exam Prep as well as take mock test. 

What job prospects are open when taking the REET and CTET exams?

Both the REET and the CTET offer exciting job benefits for candidates who happen to qualify. These benefits include a lucrative and competitive salary. It also lands the candidates a job at a reliable and well-ruptured government institute. Clearing the exams makes the candidate associated with government-related jobs. These jobs come with travel benefits, accommodation, and several other benefits for the candidates. 

What is the difference between the REET and CTET exams?

Though both the exams deal with teaching, they both have a very different approach to the exam method and implementation of the exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep helps train a candidate differently for these exams. Correct training is a must to score a good result in these exams. Moreover, there are several differences between the REET and the CTET exam. REET is a state-level exam for the State of Rajasthan. The CTET Exam, on the other hand, is a national level exam. The REET opens up job prospects in Rajasthan, whereas the CTET opens up prospects of jobs on a national level. The REET exam happens on different levels: Level l and Level ll. The CTET exam happens in different papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

The REET has centres only in Rajasthan to give the exams; however, the CTET has centres in 359 locations across the world. The REET exam tends to happen once annually. The CTET, on the other hand, happens twice every year. 

BYJU’S Exam Prep understands the difference between both these exams. This is why they focus their attention on different aspects of candidates’ training for these exams. The REET is the exam that the government of Rajasthan organizes to find teachers for the state. The CTET, on the other hand, is an exam conducted on a national level that allows the candidates to apply for schools countrywide. 

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