What are the problems of breathalyzer ignition locks?

Drinking and driving is a grave offense. The first-time offenders get away with light sentences but have to pay a high fine, probation, community service, or minimal prison time. However if the first-time offender has seriously injured or killed a person in the drink and drive mishap, then the punishment will vary. With the help of a breathalyzer ignition lock, these can be avoided.

The breathalyzer ignition lock is a device that helps to stop an intoxicated person from driving a vehicle. The driver has to blow in the device. If the alcohol level goes beyond a pre-set limit, the interlock will prevent the vehicle from starting. It helps in preventing the intoxicated person from driving the car.

Problems in breathalyzer ignition locks

The interlock system is not free from errors. The device or errors from the user can lead the device to provide incorrect readings.

  • User error

If the breathalyzer test fails, then the person will not be able to start the vehicle. However, this is not perfect. This device can lock the user due to many other reasons. We have listed some reasons why the device can get locked due to user errors.

Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking

If a person uses the device immediately after eating food or drinking, then the device may not detect properly the breath sample. One must wait for at least 15 minutes before taking this test. Chances are you might fail the test even if you have not sipped a drop of alcohol.

Providing proper sample

The interlock devices follow different methods for sampling the data. You cannot follow any method you want and expect to get the correct results from the device. Ensure that you have read the manual and kept in mind the steps they need to follow for conducting the test. Some of the techniques used are blowing in the device for some time or blowing in and out quickly.

  • Malfunctioning of the device

It might also be possible that the interlock system might not work properly even if it is treated well. For avoiding such problems, it is important to have the device serviced. Even after this, the device malfunctions, these might be the possible reasons.

The build-up in the testing tube

The particles in the air you breathe out can lead to a build-up in the tube of the device. It can lead to failed tests even if the person has not consumed alcohol. It is important to get this cleaned during the servicing of the device.

Electrical error

Ignition interlock electrical problems happen due to the device or due to the vehicle on which the device is installed. The device might not be installed correctly. It will then get feedback from the electrical system of the vehicle. This can lead to a permanent lockout.

The alcohol interlock system will not get the samples if it does not get enough power from the vehicle. It happens with older vehicles. It can also be in modern vehicles that have a lot of peripherals like speaker systems, comfort devices, and others.

Final words

An alcohol interlock system is a machine, and getting it serviced is a good way of keeping it in prime condition.

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