Unknown Fun Facts of XLM , Chainlink, And Tron

Let us dig more and discover the fun facts about these famous altcoins and their fun facts :

Interesting Fun Facts about XLM

XLM was built from Ripple Labs’ protocol:

Stellar was originally based on the Ripple protocol and prototype. This can help us know why Ripple and Stellar have so many familiar features. It isn’t inaccurate to say “Stellar is virtually a more open source and decentralized Ripple.”

It is a non-profit organization:

Stellar was built by Jed McCaleb, creator of eDonkey, and Kim Joyce, a known  Trader. The objective of this project was never to make money. Instead, Stellar has looked to harness the capacity of blockchain technology in digitizing the world.

It is compliant with Regulators:

XLM is a part of a selected group of new wave cryptocurrencies. Moreover,  Stellar’s initial process was anti-bank, but the collaboration with IBM in 2017 changed specialties.

IBM partnered with Stellar to make a cross-boundary payment system for banks. Additionally, can also be seen as a sign of the faith regulators and economic bodies put in Stellar’s XLM.

Nearly 50% of the staff are women:

Technology, or more specifically cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, was among the few areas where the presence of women was still lacking.

But with Stellar, things are changing. Women make up about 50% of Stellar’s staff.


Chainlink Fun Facts 

Link is the most outstanding cryptocurrency you can buy and sell on the Crypto wallet/Exchange. Chainlink is also part of the Interwork Alliance (IWA).

IWA is a non-profit organization of 20 corporates such as Microsoft and IBM. It is also  working together to create ideals and to promote invention within the tokenized assets enterprise.

Facts You must know about Chainlink : 

  1. A Decentralized Oracle Hub

Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles that associates with the blockchain. An oracle is a third-party information provider that delivers smart contracts with information from the outside world.

  1. Off Blockchain to On-Blockchain 

Through its decentralized network of oracles. Chainlink attaches smart contracts on Ethereum. Moreover, The network to real-world data such as price feeds, live weather. 

  1. Implemented By Large Companies 

Chainlink is working with Google’s enterprise data repository called BigQuery. Their objective is to build hybrid blockchain/cloud applications. Ethereum and Google Cloud through oracle’s Chainlink.

Tron and the Fun News : 

The developers of Tron have already made a plan for the currency. The plan that starts in 2017 and ends in 2027 contains 6 stages starting from Exodus to Eternity.

Various stages are:-

Exodus-Currently Tron is in this phase. In this phase, Tron will furnish a free peer-to-peer podium for broadcasting and sharing content correlated to the entertainment niche.

In this phase, All economic incentives are put in place. Ans this lets your content empower. During this time, the users of Tron would be able to make a transaction quickly.

Great Voyage-This phase would deal with substantial many issues. some are the income payment, dividend management, and the management of supporters.

In this phase, Tron will be able to issue its token by letting people produce the content. Additionally, This would improve the economics of the system.

Star platform converts into a decentralized platform. In the profit of the current gaming industry, this phase provides meritorious market capitalization to Tron.

Eternity-Eternity would allow developers to crowdfund their game development. In fact, lets people invest in the games they have an interest in and have a say in the future of the gaming market.

 Is Tron’s whitepaper a forgery:

Tron was under acquisition of plagiarising the whitepaper (a pitch document explaining the technology and investment information behind the coin) for its platform?

This was found to be strikingly similar to the English version of alternative currency Filecoin.

Interestingly, the founder, Justin Sun, downplays the allegations. 

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