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Top Trending Features of Women’s Watch In 2022

A watch is more than a piece of functional equipment for women. It is very personal. Everyone has different styles and design preferences. We are not here to mention what is a bad watch and what is a good one. Instead, we are here to focus on the features that women appreciate in watches.

Be it a digital watch for women or a mechanical one, ladies in 2022 are looking for these features.

Top Trends of Women’s Watches in 2022

Large dials with durable glasses

Traditional women’s watches are quite dainty and small. But things are changing. A majority of women don’t appreciate super petite watches anymore.

Larger dials are trending with a focus on unisex designs. Many known brands like Casio watches for women have taken note and are producing a wider range of designs to meet the demand.

Also, there is a focus on quality dial glasses. For designer watches, sapphire glasses are in demand. Crystal glasses are popular with more affordable watches.

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casio watches for women

Simple, elegant designs

While talking about designs, another major trend in 2022 is women preferring minimalistic design. Simple dials in neutral colours bring out the elegance in watches.

While small diamonds and stones are still common with jewellery watches, many shy away from that aesthetics. Instead, more women are leaning towards chic styles.

Numerous designs of minimalist watches are getting launched in the market. They are classic with no extra fuss and very stylish.

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Today, women have an active lifestyle. A lot of them work out, go on hikes, play sports, etc. Nothing damages a watch more than water and sweat.

Thus, companies like Give & Take are promoting waterproof watches. Even with diamond-studded jewellery ladies fashion watches have water-resistant features.

A good quality watch should at least have a 10ATM water-resistant capacity. This means the watch is unaffected by 100 meters of pressure.

Durable watches

Stainless steel is sophisticated and extremely durable. Thanks to the active lifestyle of many women, this practical material is trending for the last couple of years. Sleek steel design with crown protector and Quartz movement makes for an ideal watch for an active lifestyle.

Along with that Arabic numerical, 10 ATM to 20 ATM water- resilient capacity and screw crown makes for a killer watch. Trusted brands like Sekonda watches for women have high-grade steel that is resistant to scratches and dents.

casio ladies watches

Vintage models

The vintage-style watches are getting popular in 2022. Retro women’s watches from different eras are trending in the global market.

Most notably, watch styles from the 60s and 80s are big with the urban population.

Credible watch movements

The quality of a watch depends a lot on its movement and the quality of the straps. Quartz movement or certified mechanical movement is a sign of a good watch.

Quartz movements are very popular in good watches. One of the prime advantages of this movement is that there are fewer moving parts involved. It makes the watch more accurate and affordable.

Mechanical watch, on the other hand, must be of a certain quality to be accurate. Women today are investing in handmade mechanical designer watches. It is a symbol of luxury and richness. Some of them can go beyond 10,000 pounds!

In 2022, watchmakers are rethinking and reinventing women’s watches. However, even with bolder dials and unisexual designs, traditional jewellery watches still have great demand.

After all, as mentioned before, watches are personal. Preferences, taste, and individual style hugely matter when it comes to this functional accessory!

So, what do you think about these trends of women’s watches in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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