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Reasons Why You Need to Invest in 3 BHK Apartments in Whitefield

Residing in spacious and complacent 3 BHK apartments in Whitefield is a dream for many, a dream that Provident Housing helps bring into reality for many. Buying your own property is a very emotional matter, but there is always a second thought involved in the decision. The dilemma is about the future, amenities, cost, and much more. Buyers need to feel convinced to purchase a 3 BHK apartment that will provide them with a lifetime of relaxation. Whitefield being the core of Bangalore, purchasing an apartment, that too a 3 BHK one is itself an overwhelming experience.

Is it Worth Investing in  3 BHK Apartments in Whitefield?

The confusion between choosing a 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartment will leave most human beings perplexed. To ease things out, we have curated some of the reasons that will help you through the process of buying.

  • Be a Visionary

For someone who is envisaging a secure and comfortable future, a 3 BHK option is the most suitable one. Especially for someone who is moving into an apartment after living their life in a big house, a 3 BHK space will be favourable. There will be abundant space in your bedroom, kitchen, hall, and drawing-room. You can be creative with the interiors, even create an extra room with the help of false walls, and so more.

Moreover, your family will supposedly expand at a certain time, and there is no point regretting your decision of purchasing a 2 BHK apartment right? Buying one of the 3 BHK apartments in Whitefield is, therefore, a proper decision.

  • Space will Never be an Interruption

A 3 BHK apartment spreads across an enormous space despite having a tight carpet area. One can plan their rooms, arrange furniture, and even make divisions in the drawing-room to create another space. If you are a family living with children, your young ones will get ample space to play in. You can have a decluttered and aesthetic place all to yourself. Furthermore, having a guest room is a huge advantage in today’s time.

There are many famous names in the real estate sphere that are coming up with quite some charming projects. Their Provident Capella project, located in Whitefield is one good buy. Located very near to the popular Phoenix Mall, ITPL, the 152-acre coconut farm, this can be a pretty decent option if you’re planning to buy one 3 BHK.

  • Competent Pricing

Wondering how purchasing  3 BHK apartments in  Whitefield will be financially advantageous? Well, the current trend displays that people are rushing towards purchasing a 2 BHK apartment. But on closer scrutiny, it can be witnessed that 3 BHK apartments are not that extravagantly expensive. In fact, there is not much difference in both the prices. If you can pull off the finances and manage to purchase a 3 BHK, it will be totally worth the investment. Most of Whitefield’s projects are already priced at quite a benign range that encourages people to consider opting for it.

  • Numerous Loan Schemes and Offers

Firstly, noticing a downward purchase trend in the 3 BHK apartment category, real estate developers are bringing in diversified choices along with competitive pricing. Then, to amp it up, the house loans schemes are providing some attractive and beneficial deals. Availing of these deals, purchasing a 3 BHK apartment in Whitefield will be the most agreeable decision you will make.

All in all, if you have the liberty to opt between a 2 BHK and 3 BHK, always shifting your gear to the next one will be preferable. Provident Housing has been leading the real estate game with its avant-garde projects. Considering their projects will save you quite some amount of money, alongside providing ample facilities.


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