Reasons to carry a pocket knife with you

Knives are the most versatile equipment that a person can use. Knives are used for a wide range of purposes. These are the man’s oldest companions. People have been using knives for various purposes. Some several features and reasons make knives popular. You can also purchase custom pocket knives. Some of the most significant reasons to carry a pocket knife with you are listed below.

1.     To cut things

A person can face several scenarios in which he needs a sharpened blade. Opening zip cords, letters, and packages are common things people face. It is good to have a sharp blade in your pocket in such situations. 

Moreover, in some severe conditions, such as cutting an animal’s tangled wire, you need to have a handy knife. This is the most prominent reason to keep a pocket knife with you.

2.     Substitute for a toolbox

It would not be wrong to say that knives are the single and the perfect tool on which a person can rely. There is a wide range of functions that you can perform just by having a knife in your pocket. Although there are certain tools for certain purposes, you can use a knife to wooden, punch a hole in your belt, and remove a nail from a surface. A knife can also be used as an all-purpose screwdriver. This can be used to tighten loose nuts. So pocket knives can be used as a substitute for a toolbox. 

3.     Ignite fire

People who go on camping always take a knife with them. This knife can be used as a sharp blade to shave off the bark. The shaved bark is necessary for kindling. A sharp knife can be used to cut away the wet and useless wood. Thus knife can play a significant role to start the fire. If people are out of alternatives, they can use the knife to spark light.

4.     As a utensil

A lot of people use knives as an on-the-go utensil. A blade can be used as a triple duty knife, fork, and spoon. There can be a time when you are on a morning walk and see a person who has no utensils to eat. Thus a person can use a knife to eat his food. The knife can be a versatile tool to eat your food.

5.     Use to save someone’s life

One of the most important things you can do is use the knife as a first aid kit. A knife can be used as a versatile tool to solve your problems. This can be used to remedy small problems, such as taking out a splinter or cutting a hangnail. Thus a knife can be used as a possible solution to save someone’s life. However, it is important to sterilize the blade with rubbing alcohol or a flame before touching an open wound.

These are some points that can convince you to keep a pocket knife with you. It would be great if you had a custom pocket knife with you.

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