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In the tech industry, “meta npe” is shorthand for a new breed of startup that is focused on providing software and services to other startups. These companies are often led by experienced entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that” when it comes to starting and growing a company. meta npe asiapereztechcrunch

Meta npe’s are different from traditional venture-backed startups in that they are not necessarily looking to build the next big thing. Instead, they are focused on solving specific problems for other startups. meta npe asiapereztechcrunch

Meta NPE Asia Perez TechCrunch Article

  1. Asia Perez is a Partner at Meta NPE, a early-stage venture firm focused on consumer and enterprise technology companies.
  2. She is also a founding member of TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield competition, where she has served as a judge for the past two years.


Meta NPE AsiaPerezTechCrunch is a blog that covers the latest in technology and startups in Asia. The blog is written by Asia Perez, a serial entrepreneur and investor based in Singapore.

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