How to bet on sports via phone?

Innovative technologies do not bypass gambling and the question of how to bet on sports via a phone or mobile device is now very relevant. The list of the most interesting applications for legal online bookmakers in India is offered by our resource. Here the bettor will find data on mobile applications of many bookmakers.

In general, almost all bookmakers provide information on how to bet on sports via phone in sections on their resources, but in this article, we will focus on the main aspects of this type of betting and what a bettor should know before betting on sports from a phone. So, for example, everyone can install the 24 Betting app. The mobile application of this bookmaker is of high quality, efficient operation, and other advantages.

What to look for when choosing apps

Applications are more convenient than browsers: you do not need to regularly log in to your account, and a minimum of data is loaded, so they work as quickly as possible. But the approach to the development of offices is different. – some will make you forget about bets on desktops, and others are impossible to use. We have put together several criteria to help weed out unsuitable options.


Applications that only allow you to enter, require you to register on the official website of the office – they are inconvenient if a game account has not been created.

Deposit and withdrawal

A rare occurrence – to replenish an account or withdraw funds, you need to visit the official website. If this does not suit you, decide on a bookmaker that has implemented the deposit and cashout function.


Most gambling companies arrange promotions and distribute bonuses to customers. A bonus must be given for registering on the phone in the same way as registering on a computer. Some offices offer a bonus for using the services of the site on smartphones – another advantage of mobile betting.

How to bet on sports on your phone?

Players are very happy to bet on sports from their phones. For the client to be able to bet in this way, the following features must be taken into account:

  • The phone or gadget must be modern. It makes no sense to use phones that support Java formats for gambling. Other bookmakers provide this kind of software, such as 24 Betting, but since such phones already look archaic, the quality of the software will be appropriate. The phone must be modern and based on Android or iOS. Under them, developers have created special programs for convenient games from the phone.
  • You can play not only by downloading the program but also by finding a mobile version of the bookmaker, which can be found on the Internet. Similar sites look without unnecessary bells and whistles and advertising banners, simplified in design, efficient and convenient.
  • You should check whether it is possible to deposit and withdraw money using the mobile version, to register. Some bookmakers do not provide account replenishment or withdrawal functions, and it is better to ask support for such questions. Current software for mobile devices allows you to view various statistics, account history, betting history, and more.
  • To check the mobile version or software for gadgets for operability – it’s elementary to place a bet in Live. The dynamics of the application should be the same as from the computer, that is, the line should not freeze and be late.
  • Many bookmakers especially those who want to bet on sports on their phone, and will do it on an ongoing basis, offer bonuses and promotions, the details of which can be found on the website of the bookmaker.

As you can see, modern gadgets allow you to successfully carry out many functions. Therefore, modern bookmakers offer their customers to install a mobile application and use it to implement all available functions.

Sports betting options on your phone

There are two ways to interact with the playground:

  1. Access from smartphone or tablet. Open the bookmaker’s website in the browser, and the interface will automatically adjust to the screen size or redirect you to the mobile version of the site.
  2. Download the bookmaker’s application to your phone from the bookmaker’s official website or install it from the platform’s App Store. For Android devices, downloading is possible only from the bookmaker’s website.

Each bettor from India can select the right option for himself. However, it is worth noting that the mobile version is not very convenient, since it completely depends on the official site, may have inferior functionality, and be blocked. The mobile application exists as an independent unit, works quickly, provides a full range of functions, and works quickly in any corner of the planet.

Benefits of betting by phone

People bet differently: some scrupulously analyze information, others trust the forecasts of experienced bettors, and others adhere to a strategy and use live. But the benefits of mobile betting are the same for everyone:

  1. Put it anywhere, anytime: a stadium, a bar, a traffic jam, a line at the checkout, a bed, even a toilet – the Internet is available everywhere.
  2. Bet quickly: the mobile Internet on the road is often slow, and the small screen is incapable, so bookmakers make sites with applications easy – the interface responds instantly.

Such pluses remove the restrictions on placing bets. But keep in mind that bookmakers sometimes cut functionality for mobile devices – this does not affect the betting process.

Disadvantages of mobile betting

Immediately, we note that there are several disadvantages, briefly already mentioned by us. Some offices do not provide high-quality software, and you can find them by looking at the reviews on our website. We talk in detail not only about bookmakers but also about their mobile applications, information about which we provide in the relevant section.

Well, the coverage factor of the operator is also critical, through which the bettor connects to the Internet. There are still places where coverage simply cannot be, and the player hoped to make a bet, but these are already his problems, which means that such nuances need to be checked.

Such shortcomings indicate that it is significant to select and test a mobile application carefully before installation.

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