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PetsyPoles is coming to the table (or underneath it) with their own dog ice cream. Yes, you read right. Your dog will never have to know the horrors of a meal not concluded with dessert again. It’s a far cry from Parisian pastries and delectable cheesecakes, but it’s a start. As a subscription service that aims to shorten your to-do list, PetsyPole is making sure your dog will never be short on treats again. 

It’s the kind of culinary inclusion you would expect of the dog owners. Who will only ever identify as ‘parents’ to their pets. Who make sure their canine ‘children’ do not know a moment of lack or misery in their lives. The treat for dogs who know the luxuries of a perm, a regular manicure. A doggie hotel and the finest food they could ever hope to digest. The idea initially seems absurd, but as the market for dog ice cream already exists, it is clearly a notion. that has worked its way into many households as a necessary inclusion to their dog’s diet. 

How Much Dog Have to Wait?

No longer does your dog have to wait for one of the human kids to drop their ice cream cone in order to indulge in this sweet affair. PetsyPoles has made sure that Milo is included in treat time, with dog ice cream that will satisfy. the canine palette without compromising on nutritional properties for dogs.

Sounds absurd? Well, so do dog hotels and doggie day spas, but here we are. It is the exact market that more affluent suburbs around Australia (we’re looking at you, eastern suburbs) would be enticed by. If their allocated calorie count allowed for it, of course. 

It might be even more shocking to learn that this is not a food item that was conjured up as a stroke of genius from the leading pet food company. There are many of its kind, and PetsyPole has cottoned on to its genius and carefully formulated a product that sets itself apart from its competitors. Their business model, centered around ordering dog treats as a subscription service, is a fledgling concept that will surely catch on to many households who are seduced by the sheer convenience of it. 

So for those who are looking for a way to reward their canine kids’ good behaviour, providing them a summertime treat or wanting to cater to their every culinary desire, consider dog ice cream with PetsyPole.

How About the Taste:

Truth be told, it was delicious. But it was only as she curled up on her cushion later that night when she realised what she had really loved about it.

They had bought her a treat from a dedicated Australian pet treat company. This was no offcut or afterthought. This was about as tangible as love could get for a little dog like Jaxie.

Every dog will have its day. Today was Jaxie’s day.

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