Best Women’s Fiction Books to Read

Women’s fiction is undoubtedly a vast literary genre of modern times. You may want to read every hot new book as an avid reader. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by bestseller lists because there isn’t enough time to read every book on them. To help you out, we have curated a list of the best women’s fiction books you must read.

The Caged Butterfly 

 The Caged Butterfly is one of the best Marian L Thomas books. It follows the story of Addie, who falls head over heels in love with a curly red-headed guy with sea-green eyes. She longs to marry him, only if the law could allow it.

The riveting novel features a group of individuals who are highly relatable, yearning for love and hope. It bravely touches upon race issues that are prevalent even in these modern times. Through a heart-touching story, the author presents lessons of acceptance and forgiveness. The heartfelt narrative spans four generations and three states and is all about never giving up hope, finding love, embracing your true identity, and staying strong in tough times.

Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me is among the latest collection of Marian L. Thomas books. It is a story of a young, talented girl, Mya Day, who has seen many setbacks in life, the biggest one being her mother’s demise. With the support of Jack and Mary Tanner, a couple that knows firsthand how a traumatic history can impede someone from having a better life, Mya ultimately gets a fresh start.

She develops a romantic relationship with Michael Davis, a handsome real estate agent, and begins enjoying her new life with him. However, Mya unexpectedly meets Matt Tanner, Jack’s nephew, who slowly works his way into her life and makes her fall in love with him.

After some time, Michael Davis reappears, compelling Mya to choose between him and Matt. The story takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride, alternating between highs and lows. Someone Like Me has received great appreciation from readers and critiques worldwide.

I Believe In Butterflies 

Written by Marian L. Thomas, I Believe In Butterflies is one of the best women’s fiction books. It’s a moving story presented through the eyes of three ladies who are navigating life and love simultaneously. Emma Lee Baker, 76, has led a fairly typical life near the banks of Thomas Bay. However, one day, her life changes for good upon a surprising discovery.

Honour Blue Baker is the complete opposite of her mother. She is only afraid of two things in life: her past and the prospect of falling in love. Those anxieties come full circle when Honor travels to Barrow County to see her mother. She has no idea that her trip home will turn into a journey of a lifetime.

Lorraine, 23, her life is all about three things, love, butterflies, and the fact that she is white. All she holds dear is shattered when she realizes that her ideas of life are nothing but the facets of her imagination. The harsh realities compel her to seek a new beginning that is different from the world she thought she knew. The stories of these three women are inspiring and engaging. They are well-written in eloquent language that keeps you interested till the end.

These are the best women’s fiction books of recent times. Readers looking for something fresh and equally fascinating must get these novels today!

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