Best Way To Cancel Avast Renewal Options And Get The Deducted Amount Back

There are three ways to stop the automatic renewal of the Avast Antivirus Program. It is possible to cancel the automatic renewal of the Avast Antivirus program online using the Digital River order website. This helps Nexway and Avast’s official distributor digital river.

Follow these steps to cancel the avast auto-renew option and get your money back, if it was already deducted.

Ways To Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal

Ways #1 – Cancel Automatic Renewal Using Order Website(Digital River).

You can cancel your automated renewal if you purchased Avast from Digital River

You can change the AutomaticRenewals setting from ‘On” to ‘Off’ on the subscription page. avast refund Click the “DisableAutomatic Renewal” button on the pop-up message to confirm.

Your automated renewal will be stopped as well. You can see ‘Off’ under ‘Automatic Renewals. A verification email will be sent to you with the subject ‘Avast – Auto-Renewal Function has Been Stopped’.

Ways #2 – Cancel Automatic Renewal Using Avast Account (both Digital River as well Nexway).

If you’re unable to locate your order the first time, you can turn off automatic renewal using Avast Account.

Click on Your licenses in the section titled ‘Licenses.

This step will show you all Avast licenses that are connected to this email account. Verify by clicking on ‘DeactivateAuto-renewal Subscription’. 

How to Get a Reimbursement for the Avast Auto-Renewal Charge

You can request a refund within thirty days after you have been billed if you did not have the opportunity to cancel the automatic renewal.

Steps to deduct the renewal amount

Wait for the Avast Customer Support feedback to verify the reimbursement Cancel your subscription Click the Subscriptions tile. Find the Avast subscription you wish to cancel.

How can I delete my Avast credit card information?

Log in to Avast and click the Subscriptions tile. Find the subscription you wish to modify the payment details. In the appropriate subscription box, click Update payment card. Enter the details for the new card payment under Card details.

How can I cancel my Avast subscription to get a refund?

Sign in to your Avast Account using the link below: Click on the Payments tile. Click on the Payments tile.

How can I check my Avast Subscription?

You can check your subscription details for Avast Premium Security by going to Menu My Subscribements. You can check your subscription details at Subscriptions. Avast Cleanup Premium: Click Menu My Subscriptions. You can check your subscription details at Subscriptions on this PC.

How can I close my Avast Account?

How to delete your Avast account Step 1: Go to the Avast website.

Can I cancel my Avast subscription easily?

Click on the Subscriptions tile. Click the Subscriptions tile. To cancel, follow the instructions on the screen.

Is Premium Avast worth it?

Bottom Line Avast Premium Security offers a complete suite that includes an antivirus, firewall, secure deletion, and many other bonus features.

Is Avast safe?

Avast is an excellent antivirus that provides decent security protection. Premium protection is available if you upgrade to the paid-for option.

Are Avast and other security software automatically installed on my computer by default?

It requires your consent. By pressing the “Decline” button, you can decline to install Avast.

How can I cancel my Avast subscription?

Avast Mobile Security Premium: Click Menu (three lines), My subscriptions. Tap the three dots next to your subscription and choose Remove. Avast Cleanup Premium: Click Menu (three lines), Settings Subscription. Next to your subscription, tap Unlink.

How much does Avast cost?

Antivirus Bundles: Avast Ultimate Plan Cost, Number of Devices Covered. First-year cost $49.99, 10th-year cost $59.99. Multi-device plan supports devices Windows, Mac, and Android. Yes.

How can I get rid of Avast’s email signature?

Deactivate the Avast signature in outgoing email. Untick Add a signature at the end of all sent emails.

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