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All about the Apartments for Rent in Qatar

Thanks to oil and gas resources revenues, Qatar has enjoyed stellar growth in recent years across all sectors, particularly with housing. As the interest in this tiny Gulf, the nation continues to rise. Having hosted the 2006 Asian Games and with work underway to successfully host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The country is seen as a highly attractive place to call home. As a result, the population has grown substantially, demanding intense development in housing options.

Qatar is a peninsular country, with Doha as its capital, and it is the largest city. And remains most popular with locals and ex-pats alike. Apartments for rent in Qatar are abundant with varying sizes, styles and pricing to suit every taste and budget.

Although large developments have occurred in Doha itself. There are still many housing opportunities elsewhere in Qatar. Such as Lusail, to the north of Doha and Al Wakra to the south.

Most Apartment Buildings in Qatar

The investment from the government has been significant. Since Qatar is home to so many different people worldwide, developers work hard to provide a high standard of living that appeals to the very cosmopolitan communities across Qatar.

Most apartment buildings in Qatar come with gyms and pools, which are especially useful during the hot summer months. There are also mostly unfurnished apartments, but due to the transient nature of the population of Qatar, many landlords offer furnished or semi-furnished apartments to make rentals more attractive. Apartments for rent in Doha are most abundant as it is the capital and largest city in Qatar and where the vast majority of the population resides.

Where can you find a great deal on an apartment for rent in Qatar?

Apartments for rent in The Pearl Qatar are some of the newest available on the market and are highly sought after due to their prestigious location on an icon of Qatar. Ideally suited to young professionals and couples, the lifestyle afforded here is unparalleled, with enviable views of the sea and Doha’s skyline. These apartments for rent are as cozy as studios and 1 bedroom flats and as large as 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

Elsewhere within Qatar, apartments for rent in West Bay are also highly prized with their great sea. And city views and proximity to the schools, shopping and the beautiful corniche area. You can find an apartment for rent in one of the many apartment buildings in the area. And these are available as studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

Flats for Rent in Qatar

Although apartment living means one doesn’t enjoy their garden or backyard, Qatar has many excellent parks in the cooler months. Aspire Park and MIA Park are two parks that are longstanding local favourites in Doha.

Overall the general standard of flats for rent in Qatar is high. The market leans slightly towards tenants, which means they remain reasonably affordable and within reach of most people. New areas are always being developed, and the options available will continue to rise. This makes finding the best apartments in Doha.

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