8 Ways to Maximize Your Electric Scooter’s Battery Life

Most e-scooter owners are satisfied, happy riders, especially after realizing the benefits of owning an e-scooter — very little maintenance. Unlike a car, motorcycle, or bike, an e-scooter doesn’t require regular trips to the mechanic for replacement or tune ups. Ergo, this makes the electric scooter a convenient and travel-easy personal vehicle. Especially if what you have is an original brand — the Mearth S Series, RS Series, GTS Series, they’re Australia’s best-loved electric scooters, admired for their top-notch, high-quality performance.

A word of caution to the uninformed though. Improper use or storage of one’s electric scooter can affect its battery capacity. The electric scooters battery could drain faster and may lead to its lifespan being shortened. 

But fret no more. There is a way to help maximize the battery life of your electric scooter. Just follow these simple, practical tips that will help you to take better care of your electric scooter and battery.

First question – how long does an electric scooter charge last?

It’s important to know how long your battery should last. On the average, the lifespan of an electric scooter battery lasts between 300 to 500 cycles. That would be about three years or roughly, between 3,000 to 10,000 miles. 

However, your e-scooter battery’s lifespan depends on several factors such as its battery size and the watt-hours.

But don’t panic – just yet. Even if you reach the 300 to 500 cycles of your battery, it does not mean that your battery will die immediately. What this means is that your battery will simply carry less capacity, and your e-scooter will perform with less power. 

What if your battery has already reached over 500 cycles, how do you take care of it to help you get the most out of your battery?

Do these tips to help maximize your electric scooter’s battery life:

1. Know your electric scooter’s battery capacity and true range. You need to know the specs of your e-scooter battery such as the volts (V), ampere-hours (Ah), watt-hours (Wh), and the type of battery you are using. 

Just in case the manufacturer did not list the battery’s watt-hours, you can calculate this by multiplying the ampere-hours, by the volts. It is important to test or be alert as to how long your electric scooter travels — on a full charge. 

Your electric scooter’s range depends on many factors, so to get the true range you may need to take a few trips for you to get a good estimate of how far your e-scooter can go. Once you know it, you will have an idea as to how much your electric scooter battery capacity is and what numbers you need to maintain. 

2. Don’t drain your battery. Remember, one of the effective ways to make an electric scooter battery last longer is to never drain it. It is not always a good idea to fully drain and then fully charge your e-scooter’s battery. In the case for electric scooter batteries, try to keep the battery above at least from 10 percent up to 40 percent charge. 

3. Charge your electric scooter regularly. Charging your battery often will not only avoid a drained battery, as it will actually help to maximize your electric scooter’s battery life. A good point to remember: even if there’s still a lot of battery charge left on your electric scooter after a whole day of traveling, you still need to charge it within the day. 

By charging your e-scooter’s battery regularly, you’re putting less stress on your battery. It will help to maintain your battery’s optimal condition. Compare it to eating three full meals daily. Your body’s energy is sustained, right? It’s the same with your electric scooter battery. Always charge your battery. 

4. Avoid overcharging your electric scooter battery. Yes, you should regularly charge your e-scooter’s battery, just DO NOT overcharge it. As soon as it’s fully charged, disconnect it immediately from the plug or cable. The manufacturer’s manual states the average or maximum charging time of your battery, so better keep an eye on your battery when time is almost up.

5. Keep the battery charged even when not in use. In cases where you won’t be using your electric scooter the next day, or for a while, don’t leave your e-scooter with an almost drained battery. Fully charge it before storing it away for a long time. Did you know that lithium-ion batteries used in all of Mearth’s premium, top-performing electric scooters last longer, and more so, when it has stored charge? Charge your battery after every use, and if you will not be using it frequently, or for a long while, it is a must that you charge or discharge it every two weeks. Otherwise, the battery will be deteriorate rapidly. By charging/discharging regularly as indicated in the manual/warranty, your battery can retain its capacity and performance once you decide to use it again.

6. Use the correct charger for your battery. This should stop — some riders prefer to buy an aftermarket charging cable since it’s more affordable. Aftermarket parts may be or are cheaper and they’re made by other manufacturers. But there’s a danger here – using a charger that’s not meant for your battery, if it does not have the right specs your battery needs, even when it fits, will either undercharge or overcharge it and could damage and thus, shorten the battery life.

7. Store your battery or electric scooter at the right temperature. To maximize your electric scooter’s battery life, make sure to store the electric scooter or battery under the right temperature. Optimal temperature varies per model or brand, so it’s best to check your e-scooter’s specifications. But even if there’s none included in the manufacturer’s manual, it is still advisable that you do not store your electric scooter or your battery in a space that’s either too hot or too cold. So, what would be an ideal temperature? What we, humans can tolerate, the e-scooter battery can also tolerate. Take note too, that lithium-ion batteries, in particular, don’t respond well to extreme hot or cold temperatures, so avoid placing your electric scooter in direct sunlight for too long or somewhere outside during very cold weather.

8. Replace broken batteries or if they’re taking longer to charge. In case your charger breaks, most manufacturers sell a replacement. Now, if your battery is charging longer than what’s recommended, your electric scooter battery might be defective, or near the end of its lifespan. When this happens, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to replace your battery. Check if your electric scooter has a warranty for the charger, so you can have it repaired or replaced for free — if it’s still within the warranty period.

Concerning electric scooters, the warranty period covers three months up to 12 months. There are some brands that offer up to two years of warranty. Unlike other products, however, electric scooters are frequently prone to wear and tear, or damage, so the warranty period is shorter. 

What does an electric scooter warranty cover? An electric scooter warranty covers defects on the following components: Battery, motor, controller, throttle, brakes, suspension, LCD screen, and dashboard.

Mearth offers the best warranty service

Mearth, the first developer of electric scooters in Australia, respects each consumer and the laws governing their rights to receiving quality products and services. To offer convenience and protection to the customers, Mearth offers two years of warranty for the frame and one year of warranty for the battery, motor, main body, and controller. This warranty applies to all of Mearth’s electric scooter models, namely the S, RS and GTS series.

When does a warranty take effect? The warranty period usually starts as soon as you purchase or receive your e-scooter. There are warranties though that take effect only after you have registered with your retailer or manufacturer. Actually, it would all depend on store’s warranty policy, so it is better to read the policy carefully.

Provide proof. If your claim is valid, customer support will need proof of your purchase and also, in some cases, proof of the defect. So, never throw away your official receipt and have an image or video of the malfunction ready to submit to the brand.

Take note that the warranty is only valid if presented to Mearth or its official partner retailers. Bear in mind too that modifications or repairs done by third-party services will void your warranty. To learn more about Mearth’s warranty policy concerning your e-scooter, you can reach the friendly support staff via

Ultimately, being mindful of how you ride, charge, and store your electric scooter battery will help prolong its life and maximize your electric scooter’s battery life. Make it a habit to be mindful as these tips will help to prolong your battery’s lifespan.

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