7 Questions To Ask About Norton Security

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best antivirus solution for your needs. With your data’s security, digital identity, and financial transactions at stake. It is worth investing some time in evaluating each antivirus product.

Also, suppose you make extensive use of the Internet, email, other messaging, and web services. In that case, it is essential to consider a solution that includes Internet security software and technologies that further protect your online activities.

Protecting your computer from malware, phishing or ransomware is no longer an option but an obligation.

Malicious content appears more and more frequently that can put your information and your computers at risk. To avoid this, you need an antivirus, and since there are so many, you must know how you can choose the most appropriate one.

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus is software created to detect, isolate and eliminate potential cyber threats that can significantly damage your computer.

Why buy an antivirus?

Various electronic devices antivirus is an essential security software to minimize or eliminate your computer’s vulnerabilities against possible cyber attacks of any kind.

A computer, either with a desktop tower or a portable model that does not have a good antivirus, is an entirely fragile device and vulnerable to attacks. Many Internet pages are infected with malicious software that quickly enters the system and can cause a lot of damage.

How to choose an antivirus?

There is a lot of competition in the antivirus market. Therefore, deciding on a specific one is very difficult. To help you decide, we tell you the main factors to consider to facilitate the choice of ideal security software for you according to your needs.


Even the most comprehensive antivirus solution can be entirely useless if it conflicts with another software program running on your computer. If these conflicts cause your virus protection processes to malfunction or temporarily suspend, you may be at risk.


If an antivirus solution’s daily use requires special skills, it may be impractical for many users. Any antivirus product that is difficult to use, asks complex questions or requires difficult decisions can increase the chances of “operator errors”. In some cases, if the antivirus software is too difficult to run, the user can disable it.

Comprehensive protection

An antivirus solution must provide continuous protection for all computer domains, all file types, and all network elements that could be exposed to attack by a computer virus or other malware. The program must detect malicious code and protect all channels or points of entry to the computer, such as email, Internet, FTP, and more.

How much does an antivirus cost?

The cost of antivirus will depend mainly on the security levels it offers, its compatibility, the type of plans and packages contained in the product, and the provider. You can find free antivirus such as 360 Total Security antivirus, which is very basic but guarantees minimal protection on your computer if you cannot afford the expense at the moment.

How does the antivirus work?

Antivirus software is designed to detect any malicious content intended to enter your computer in one way or another. They employ various methods to make operating system protection fast and efficient. To do this, the antivirus performs a background scan between the different files on the computer. And compares them with the different types of malware to find relationships.

Antiviruses also constantly monitor our activity on the web. The files and programs we run, and all the computer content on the hard drive to detect matches and suspicious activities. That could be related to a virus. In this way, the software can detect, isolate and eliminate harmful elements, protect the system from constant cyberattacks. And prevent the theft of information and passwords.

How to install an antivirus?

The person installing an antivirusInstalling an antivirus is a reasonably simple task, whatever the model or brand you have chosen.

The first step will be to download the antivirus of your choice, as long as it is from a reliable website. Or preferably from the provider company’s website. You can also install the antivirus through the original CD. Once inserted into the computer, it will start running in seconds and ask you for the product activation code.

How to cancel Norton subscription

To cancel norton subscription, you can follow the following procedures.

  • Go to the Norton Antivirus website (Canada or USA) and sign in.
  • Click My Norton in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the auto-update settings.
  • Cancel or disable automatic updates. Change the slider next to your Norton product to off.
  • Click Shutdown to confirm the cancellation.

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