Why are all Major Companies investing in the Forex Market?

There is a certain trend among major companies that plays a massive role in making the forex market the biggest trading market in the world. This means two main things. Firstly, it means they see the forex market as the goldmine it proves to be for those who are investing in forex. Secondly, there is an invaluable experience that their decisions portray while trading in foreign exchange. Let’s see the main reasons for how forex


High liquidity means that the bid-ask spreads are low, relatively reducing the transaction price for traders. Of course, this has incredible value considering the transactions these companies make are extraordinarily large, cutting costs for them, in turn, increasing profits. High liquidity also forms a factor in the long-term predictability of the forex market. It means that if a firm decides to save, or a trader decides to play a longer game, they will find it easier to make a considerably risk-free decision. This is because high liquidity makes it easy to analyze RSI Charts and perform and use other technical analyses.

Storage Value

Firms often save their earnings in different forms. Many times to improve their asset to liability ratios, in other words, to maintain their health. One of these forms of saving is forex! Simply because a currency is a highly liquid marketable asset, which also has chances of an improvement in value over time while it is saved.
Firms, especially operating internationally, often find it costly to trade repeatedly in the forex market. This is due to transaction costs and other risks associated with trading. Therefore often these firms save in forex, making transactions less costly and also providing a certain amount of safety to a firm’s offshore investment.

Add Graphene FX to the Mix

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