Which Are the Best Play Schools and Montessori Preschools in Pune?

Pune is right there at the top with regard to it being home to some of the best schools in the country. That includes some of the best play schools in Pune and Montessori schools in the country.

Let’s look at which are the best ones out of these.

Global Indian International School

Part of the GIIS network of schools around the world, this school boasts some of the best facilities anywhere including the most qualified and experienced teachers. Their Global Montessori Plus curriculum is just what the children that young need to learn, grow and develop in a holistic manner. It truly is a great beginning for any child’s formal education.

Vibgyor Kids

This is a great air-conditioned preschool that accepts children from age 2 onwards. It has CCTV installed on the school premises to ensure the security of the little ones. The idea behind the school is to provide the little ones with a stress-free environment that enables holistic learning and development. Putting your very small children in this preschool will help them take to formal education in the right spirit.

Jumpstart Preschool

This is an international preschool with all manner of facilities including air-conditioned classrooms and CCTV. The school boasts a healthy teacher-student ratio and is known to provide individual attention to every child. Something that goes a long way in ensuring that the children concerned have a happy start to their formal education.

Modern Montessori International Pre School

This again is amongst the renowned Montessori pre-schools in Pune. They accept children from age one and provide them with the right kind of caring environment. That helps them acclimatize themselves to the world of formal education with ease. The children at this school are encouraged to play and express themselves in a manner that gives full vent to their natural curiosity. It is the right place to empower children that young to discover and understand the world around them.

Spring Buds International School

This international accepts children as small as a year and a half, the school provides the right kind of care and attention to help them transition to a life away from the love and care they receive at home. They provide the right kind of spaces for them to indulge in the discovery of the world they live in. Children in this school learn by actively participating in activities that help them to develop as individuals.


The preschools and Montessori schools of Pune are very highly consider for their stellar standards. Initiating one’s children into the world of formal education is always a matter of concern to parents and the fact that the schools.

Children that young play a significant part in shaping the latter’s attitude towards formal schooling making the choice of the right one very important. That is why the parents of very small children live in Pune.

Consider themselves very fortunate that the town has so many excellent pre-schools and Montessori schools. One can zero in on the one that is just right for one’s child or children.

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