When will you need a dog bite injury lawyer?

Is it necessary to retain the services of a dog bite attorney if I have been bitten by a dog?

Dogs are well-known for being the most loyal and best friends a person could possibly have, but what happens if a dog bites you or someone you love? Physical damage and discomfort might result from the trauma, and depending on the severity of the injury, you may incur additional expenses. Dog bites are rather common, and according to one statistic, only 1 percent of those who are harmed as a result of a dog bite receive compensation for their injuries. As a result, the rest of the people who have been harmed never receive compensation.

In order to ensure that you do not fall into the latter category, you should consult with an attorney if you have suffered a dog-bite injury in order to expedite your claim procedure while also allowing yourself to rest completely in order to recuperate as quickly as possible after the incident.

Hiring an attorney to represent you after a dog bite accident is not the same as suing the individual who caused the injury. In order to assist the victim in recovering their claim without going to court, the St Petersburg personal injury lawyer is familiar with how to present your case to the insurance company.


What choices are open to you if you have been wounded by a dog bite?

There are several options available to you in such circumstances:

  • In order for you to be reimbursed for your medical bills, you must first file an insurance claim with the insurance company of the dog’s owner, as the owner is responsible for such expenses.
  • Bring a lawsuit against the company for damages.

A personal injury attorney can assist you in any situation. But, before you consider any of these choices, make sure that you or the victim receives medical attention.


Do you really need the services of a dog bite attorney?

Before engaging an attorney and pushing your case to the next level; make a summary of your situation and the injuries that resulted. It would be utterly pointless to employ an attorney if you only have minor injuries; and no evidence of a violent attack because there would be little to prove. If, on the other hand, the dog attack is serious and the victim has been gravely harmed; you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.


There are several reasons why you should engage a dog bite attorney.

Hire a dog bite attorney if you want to help yourself manage the stress of your injuries; while also saving time and effort on your behalf. The fact that state laws differ from one another; means that it is always a good idea to have an experienced attorney on your side. In spite of the fact that a dog bite injury is a typical occurrence; you may have a number of questions that are best answered by a knowledgeable attorney.

Alternatively, this is also true if you are defending yourself against an injury that was caused by your pet dog’s actions. In case of a personal injury, an experienced attorney will know how to improve your case and identify points that can work in your favour while avoiding arguments that can work against you.


What can you do as a dog owner to keep yourself safe?

A few considerations should be made if you’re the owner of a canine companion. In the event that a personal injury lawsuit is filed against you, the dog owner, you will not have to go through the hassle of defending yourself.

  • As a dog owner, you should make certain that there are prominent display signs indicating the presence of a dog or dogs at your location.
  • Remember to keep your dog on a leash while you’re out and about.
  • Make certain that the fencing is high enough so that the dog cannot jump over it and that it is solid.
  • Consult with your insurance provider about whether you should purchase dog bite insurance and whether you should sign up for one. It will assist you in coping with any possibilities that may happen in the future, if they do occur.


Suppose someone files a charge against you, your insurance company will pay for the cost of the charge. They will also employ a dog bite attorney to represent you in court.

If you or someone you care about has been attacked by a dog, you are well aware that it was a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Dogs that turn mean have a lot of power and can cause a lot of trouble.

Every year, more than 4.5 million dog bites occur. This statistic demonstrates that dogs biting people is not an uncommon occurrence.

Good news is that you can seek compensation for your injuries by working with a dog bite attorney. Legal representation from a qualified attorney will aid you in bringing the parties involved accountable.


What are your available options? 

If you have been bitten by someone’s pet, the most basic course of action is to file an insurance claim. If you’ve been bitten, attempt to remain calm and simply exchange insurance information with the other person.

Personal injury attorneys that specialise in dog bite cases; make their living by representing people who have been injured by dogs. You won’t have to worry about dealing with the insurance company because they will handle everything for you.

Another alternative is to launch a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the pet. No one likes to be the cause of another person’s financial distress; but a dog bite victim deserves to be compensated for their losses.

It is important to check your local regulations to see whether or not pet owners are liable for scratches and falls caused by their animals.


The proof of your case 

When it comes to proving liability for a dog bite, there are varied degrees of difficulty. Your attorney will be familiar with all of the local regulations; dealing to pets in the area where you were bitten.

Some countries will hold an owner accountable if the dog has previously bitten someone or if the dog has a history of aggression. To put it another way, dog owners have a responsibility to the general public; to ensure that their animal does not harm anyone when the victim is in a public location.

It is possible that more than one party is liable for your injuries and that they are all related. A property owner, business owner, and dog owner could all be held financially accountable.

Allow your dependable personal injury attorney to educate you on all of the laws that have been breached at your expense on your behalf.


Defenses that you might experience 

The owner of a dog that bit a person will probably hire an attorney to defend them against your accusations. The following are the most often employed defences:


Dog provocation Trespassing Assumed risk

Dog provocation means that you forced or provoked an animal to hurt you. A person cannot threaten an animal and expect to be compensated after being bitten.

If a dog bite victim walks on private property or into a home uninvited, they cannot turn around and sue for personal injuries.

Assumed risk is one of the grayest areas in dog bites cases. When owners post signs warning of a dangerous dog, you are assuming a part of the risk. Going to a dog park means you are possibly exposing yourself to being bitten.

Some unsavory pet owners may try to pass their dog off as a service animal. Don’t be fooled.

An experienced dog bite lawyer will know which defense a pet owner will use and how to beat it.

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