What should you look for when purchasing a Smart TV?

The current Smart TV market is experiencing a deluge of the latest Smart TV models. With so many models and classy features, it becomes a daunting task to decide which Smart TV model suits your need the most. Here are some factors you need to heed when purchasing any New Smart TV set to transform your home entertainment to the next level.

1. Screen Type:

The first and foremost question that strikes the mind is: OLED or LED? These are the two dominant screen type variants available, each with their unique characteristics.

  • OLED: Sony OLED screens boasts 8 million self-illuminating pixels that one can precisely control individually. Providing near-accurate details, impressive depth of shadow, brighter textures and darker highlights, OLED TV is the perfect choice for any film lover.
  • LED: The Sony TV with LED backlighting illuminates the screen with brightness enabling the TV to generate colourful scenes even in vivaciously lit rooms. The full-array LED TV models flaunt the X-tented Dynamic Range PRO, an in-house technology from Sony to enhance light and dark, resulting in ultra-realistic 3D pictures bringing scenes to life.

2. Screen Size:

To buy a large television, you do not need an enormous room. The advanced technology used in Sony TV models lets you enjoy a broader display within your existing space.

  • Thinner bezel: The thinner bezels on a Sony TV allows you to choose a better display without increasing the overall size of the TV. These bezels are so slim that you do not have to focus on the frame, and you can enjoyably engage in the action.
  • Watching Distance: 4K Sony TV sets with enhanced resolution keep pictures crisp-n-sharp and smooth even when sitting close to the screen or watching from a workable distance. The rule thumb is for the TV to be two-thirds the distance between your seat and the TV.

3. Type of Content:

What you enjoy watching can define which Sony TV you should buy.

  • Movies: If you are a frequent movie-goer, you will love the theatre-like sound of the Bravia models of Sony TV sets.
  • Sport: As a sports lover, you surely want to recreate the stadium atmosphere. The latest Sony TV models can maximize those experiences for you. The main issue when watching dynamic sport is motion blur. Make sure to choose a TV with enhanced sharpness to keep the action crystal-clear. Sony uses XR-motion Clarity technology to achieve that in a Sony TV.
  • Gaming: This is a no-brainer. For ultra-responsive gaming and effortless control, you have to plug in an HDMI cable, and your Sony TV will recognize the connected console and switch to the game mode, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  • TV shows, news and more: Seek a television with XR 4K Upscaling, which upscales low-resolution TV shows and news bulletins to near 4K using a Unique Sony TV database.

4. Apps on Smart TV:

  • YouTube: With a Smart Sony TV, you can Browse YouTube and Google in an instant. 
  • Netflix: These TV models allow you to optimize entertainment on Netflix via the Netflix Calibrated Mode, augmenting the picture quality of the studio evaluation master.

5. Screen Sound:

If you value immersive experience to match sound with pictures, choose a TV with Sound-from-Screen technology to get the sound coming from where it should be.

  • OLED immersive sound: Acoustic Surface Audio technology of Sony TV enables simultaneous vibration of the TV screen following the action.
  • LED acoustic clarity: Sony’s multi-audio sound seems to come from directly the screen with incredible quality.

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