What Best Lip Balms Are Best  For Me

First off, do we need lip balms? And why?

Here’s why. Our lips are different from the rest of our skin. They don’t produce oils naturally that would have kept them moist and supple. And they only have three to four protective layers while the rest of our body gets fifteen to sixteen.

Our lips are therefore extremely prone to dryness, cracking, chapping, and flaking, more so because of their constant exposure to saliva which contains an enzyme that’s designed to break down skin. To add to that, exposure to the elements such as cold weather, heat, wind, and the hot sun condemns our lips to eternal dryness and flaking.

But wait! All hope is not loss yet. Help could still be had from lip balms and they are readily available to us in the market today.

You don’t want just any lip balm though. Because just as with everything else, all lip balms are not create equal. You’ll need experts in this field to show you what you’ll need to look for that makes a product better than the other. And you’ve come to the right page because that’s what we’re here for.

We recommend lip balms containing moisturizing agents such as shea butter or lanolin to seal the lips’ moisture in.

The best ones contain SPF 30 or higher because our lips need protection from the sun just like our skin; vitamins C & E to act as neutralizing agents against free radicals that could damage our skin’s elastin and collagen; hyaluronic acid; and lanolin.

Anti-aging and softening elements should also be present like antioxidants (example coenzyme Q10), peptides, and hydrators.

Beeswax should also be present so that the balm would stick to the lips. It also prevents your lip balm from giving you a sheen like what lip glosses do, or having intense colors like what lipsticks give.

If you need a balm for your irritated lips, look for those with menthol and camphor. These medicated balms can have the effect of mild anesthesia and will soothe your chafed lips while giving it that cool, tingly feeling.

And here’s one product that has everything you’ll ever need to keep your lips from drying. Just check out this link below and you’ll see.

It’s a 12-tube Lip Balm Gift Set that has everything you’ll ever need to keep your lips hydrat and healthy all year round. It’s perfect for men, women, and children, 100% organic, non-GMO, and does not contain petroleum,  gluten, and soy.

A person can have many different types of lip balms in their home, but may not know what type they should be using. Different lip balms are best for different people because everyone has different needs when it comes to their lips. Some people have more dry lips than others so they need a lip balm that is more moisturizing then one who just applies it to keep their lips looking glossy.

The use of lip balms have been a part of life for many years. In the past, lip balm was view as a temporary solution to dry and chap lips. However, today’s lip balms are more than just a temporary solution. With so many options available, it can be hard to find the perfect one that fits your needs. There are some general guidelines to follow when deciding which type of lip balm will work best for you.

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