What are Website Exit Surveys and Why Do You Need One for Your Website?

You may be wondering why your business website gains a lot of traffic, but still has low rates of conversion. There are times that some might even leave without even navigating through the whole page. Reasons for this might be because potential customers who are looking for something cannot find what they need, or simply because it might be hard for them to navigate throughout the website. They have their own reasons for leaving the page, and it is important to know and understand these to address the issues they experience. But then, how would you be able to address them if you do not know exactly what the issues are? One effective solution for this would be integrating website exit surveys. Let the website visitors answer this short survey before exiting the website. Then, you would definitely know what you must improve more. It might even lead to a better customer experience for future visitors.

Website Exit Surveys

Website exit surveys are surveys that appear when a visitor is about to leave the website. The exact moment when one leaves your website is a great opportunity to try to retain them, or learn why they are leaving. Surprisingly, this effective strategy, though you might only receive short and brief answers, will still be of huge help. Particularly in terms of determining the reasons why they choose not to make a transaction with your business. You might even learn about their insights, opinions, and suggestions with regards to the overall service your website gives. Having to figure out why your website visitors leave will help you refine your pages, so it will be able to deliver what potential customers are actually looking for. This might even lead to an increase in conversion rates, sales, and revenue in the long run.

Nothing is more effective than getting suggestions from potential customers themselves directly. Collecting their feedback is as important as having them to actually engage with your business. The collected data and information you will get is a huge help in discovering problems with usability, quality content, website speed, and the like. Then, you can use their suggestions when devising the next strategies you will be using, for the betterment of the whole website.

Use Cases for Website Exit Surveys

Website exit surveys are adaptable and flexible tools which can help you retain more customers in the future. You can use this to find out why they are leaving, to reduce site abandonment, increase conversions, and even offer promotions at exit intent. The direction where you want your surveys to focus on can also be specifically designed, depending on what your aim is, and at which point the visitor abandons the conversion funnel.

Shopping cart abandonment, for instance. It is actually one of the biggest frustrations for business owners, particularly for ecommerce businesses. People navigate throughout your entire website, browse your products, add them to their carts, then leave without pushing through the purchase, without buying anything. It can be a significant factor as to why conversion rates are decreasing. You can design a survey that focuses on understanding the reasons why this happens.

There are also situations where potential customers check out the entire website and resources, read about your services, then visit the pricing page. When they go through this process, it means that they are most likely to convert, and even seem interested and engaged enough in seeing what your solutions cost. But once they get to the pricing page, they leave the website without taking further action. This somehow means that your pricing strategy might not be working, and needs to be resolved by having plans on adjusting them.

These are some of the usual cases in which you must look further, as it may help you provide a better solution to make. These, when addressed, might lead to an increase in conversion rates. You will be able to apply the suggestions that visitors recommended to do, making their overall experience with your website a better one.

Benefits of Website Exit Surveys

Many business owners think that website exit surveys are just plainly asking the customers what they liked about your business. However, they are actually getting popular over the years. This is because people discover multiple benefits of this type of survey for businesses. These exit surveys are easy for your visitors and customers to answer. Thus, they do not even require leaving your website when answering. Also, you might be able to get higher response rates.

Then, if you have successfully gathered their feedback and insights, it will be easy for you to identify and understand what is working well on your site and what needs improvement. Acting on these, and addressing the issues that some customers are having an issue with, can be of huge help in reducing bounce and exit rates, as you will be able to deliver exactly what your visitors and customers want. Moreover, you might be able to even discover ways to increase your conversion rates. With this, more of your visitors can become customers as well.

Best Practices to Run Website Exit Surveys

In designing website exit surveys for your website, you must make the most out of it by setting it up as perfectly as possible. One of the tips to conduct this survey would be to keep it short. Ask just one or two questions that do not require much effort to answer. No one wants a 10-item questionnaire just when they are about to leave your website after all. Also, people are more likely to participate if they know the entire survey is just short. But then, remember to include not just multiple choice or scale questions. You need to have open-ended questions as well, for them to provide answers coming from them directly.

Moreover, you have to make the survey visible. Set the widget for it to appear in the center of the screen. In this way, visitors leaving your website will be able to see it instantly. You can even design your website to be faded out when the survey pops up. It is also a factor that may grab their attention too. If you place the survey widget in the corner of your website, people might not be able to notice it. In this case, your response rates might not be as high as you expected them to be.

In planning the overall design of the survey, you might want to make it look and feel aligned with your brand. Of course, you would not want the visitors to be confused with distracting popup ads that appear on other sites. Design your website exit surveys in a way that it looks clean and professional. This may attract visitors to respond more.

Key Takeaway

Website exit surveys can actually be indeed beneficial for your business. The data you will be receiving through this tool may help you develop your website into delivering valuable information to your visitors, while providing a better experience for them as well. Your websites are very vital in terms of making sales and generating conversions, so you must have to be sure that you are creating a top-notch user experience. It is in your power to find out what would be working well for the people navigating through your website, and reduce the abandonment rate. Choose the right questions, design a perfect survey. Then, you will be able to receive useful answers that can be beneficial in terms of developing appropriate business strategies.

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