What Are The Steps To Connect Canon MG3620 Printer To Wifi

The Steps To Connect Canon MG3620 Printer To Wifi

Canon MG3620 Printer is a multifunctional. This printer is ideal for both home and office use. If you want to access the printer on multiple devices, you can connect it to the network. Printers with this feature are simple to configure via Wi-Fi. The new devices can be added with WPS while older models can be set up with the normal connection method.

Connect the Canon MG3620 Printer to Wi-Fi via WPS

Alongside the printer, your router must also be able to handle an WPS connection. When you connect the router to it, look for your router’s WPS pin. If the router is equipped with the pin, then you can join the printer straight away.

  1. Open the Canon device and tap on the Setup button.
  2. Select the connection type
  3. Choose Wireless LAN connection
  4. On the router you are using, press the WPS pin.
  5. On a Canon printer, press the Wi-Fi button.
  6. Be sure to check the Wi-Fi for flashing
  7. Look up the network list on the printer’s display

You must select the name of the printer, and printer has been connected. Once you have connected you will be able find it on every device. also visit printer repair dubai.

Installing Canon MG3620 Printer Driver

With a network connection you can connect your printer to any device. However, to communicate to the printer you will require a driver. The printer software initiates the connection and allows the printer to take in the printing job. Download the setup on the Canon website. After installing the program on your computer look up the printer. Select the Canon printer’s name, and then transmit a print instruction. Print pages, then take prints.

Use Printer Connection Standard Method

If your connection does not support WPS then you should use an ordinary connection. To do this, download an upgrade to the Canon software. Run the software, and set up the printer.

  1. Select Next on the Canon initial screen
  2. Select connection method, then choose Wireless LAN connection
  3. The user is now required to choose Access Point Recommended. Access Point Recommended option
  4. The Canon software begins searching for previously connected printers
  5. Select the option to not be found
  6. The Canon setup will begin installing
  7. Select Cableless Setup, and then activate the Wi-Fi option
  8. Wizard for setting up will appear.
  9. In the Region wizard Select the region you want to be in.
  10. Choose the Country and Language
  11. Click Next in the list of installation options for the software
  12. Click on the Yes button on the EULA wizard.
  13. Canon software will begin installing

After connecting the printer, after the printer connection, SSID page will be display at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions to adjust the alignment of the printhead. Then, press the Exit button and the printer is now connected. any other query related to printer visit our website printer repair sharjah.

Troubleshooting Canon MG3620 Printer Connection Error

Try Connecting Printer using an Ethernet Cable

If the Canon isn’t linked to the network, attempt to connect it using a cable. Connect the cable for the connection. If your printer is operating with a wired network, you’ve configured the wireless connection in the wrong way. Set up the connection again and then try using your Canon printer.

Reset the Canon Printer

Connection problems can occur because of printer settings that are not correct. To resolve the issue it is necessary to understand ” canon mg3600 connect to wifi”. Do the Canon factory reset, and all configuration will be restore.

  1. Click on the Canon printer settings tab.
  2. Click the arrow and select the Device settings
  3. Select Reset options, then tap Reset All.

After pressing the OK button, your Canon printer will reboot with the default settings. Then, connect your Canon printer to join the network and take prints.

Remove malware from the PC

Some people encounter connection error on Canon printer that are connect to a specific device. The error in communication could be because of malware infections. The computer’s viruses could cause disruption to the printer connection. Clean the PC and eliminate any malware. Make use of an antivirus that can eliminate all malware. After eliminating all malware, you can try reconnecting the printer.

Repair the Canon  Printer Driver

If you do not have the Canon driver without the Canon driver, the printer won’t operate. so getting problem connecting, ensure you have the proper driver. and find that the Canon driver files are damage, repair them. Make use of a repair tool for drivers which can repair all driver files. It is also possible to install the driver from scratch instead of replacing the corrupted one. Open your computer and then select the Canon driver. Click on uninstall and then remove it. Install the new Canon software , and set it up. Connect the Canon printer to the network. Now, you can take prints.

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