Upholstery cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning services

Are your sectional sofas, couches or recliners become dull in time and would like to restore them to their former splendor? USA Clean Master will assist you in achieving this goal!

Sofas recliners, armchairs and sofas are essential aesthetic components which provide ease.  constructed of various materials like wool or cotton and leather,

which can catch dust, soil allergens, and other types of dirt. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean them whenever you notice they’re collecting dirt and they are losing their appeal.

What we do and how we do it Do with your Upholstered Furniture

Our technicians from USA Clean Master are your top choice for getting the upholstery clean. We don’t provide an un-directional Upholstery cleaning services This is the reason we stand out from the other competitors. Let’s go over the process we follow to achieve our work.

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When a client calls us and requests for an appointment, the experts in cleaning arrive at the right time to assess the situation and determine the most efficient cleaning plan for you.


We don’t rush into cleaning your upholstery before taking the time to look. We spend the time to identify the kind of upholstery (whether it’s wool, leather or polyester or what) as well as the level of stain, physical imperfections and the color’s fastness.

Sanitizing and deodorizing

If required, our professionals will clean your furniture to rid it of the microbes and bacteria that lurk in the fabric. We are able to clean upholstery that is already smelly by utilizing a professional deodorizer. These services are optional and add to the price of the Upholstery cleaning services.

Proper Cleaning

For different types of upholstery there are various ways of cleaning that provide more effective outcomes. The first step we take on site is to identify the kind of upholstery. We offer two types of cleaning. One is steam cleaning, as well as the deep cleaning.

Steam Cleaning, sometimes known as hot-water extraction is using hot water in order to rid of germs and stains from upholstery. It’s efficient for cleaning upholstery made from wool, polyester, cotton and many other types.

In contrast deep cleaning requires the application of water that is hot as well as specific cleaning additives that are effective. It’s a more thorough cleaning method that is designed to clear your furniture of dirt that has built up.

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Spot Cleaning

If tough stains resulting from spills of food, accidents or oil-related staining caused by children or pets there’s always the requirement for spot cleaning. This typically involves the use of specially-formulated mild chemicals to remove spots from the upholstery. We’re very good in this regard;

Protectors of Upholstery

When your furniture was fresh from the factory, it was covered with a thin layer to protect from staining. As time passes, the layer has become brittle, leaving the furniture exposed.

Grooming and brushing

If you have furniture made of fabric which can be cleaned Our team of professionals will do everything they can in making this happen. Additionally, after cleaning, drying times vary between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the cleaning technique used as well as the amount of airflow within the area along with the climate.

Keeping your UPHOLSTERY clean between Professionally-supervised cleanings

We will certainly assist you in cleaning your furniture However, you also have an important role to play. Here are some suggestions to ensure that your cleaning goes smoothly and ensure your sofa stays in great quality between cleanings:

  • Make sure your pets are away during cleaning process: For obvious reasons, it’s crucial to keep your pets from the area while cleaning is being completed.
  • Filters for air and exhaust fans can impede the process of cleaning since they are great transmitters of dust.  This will ensure that furniture will dry quickly.
  • After cleaning, it’s crucial to plan regular and frequent cleaning of furniture with upholstered upholstery. This will make them last longer.

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