Steps to see number of unread Gmail messages in the tab

If you have a Gmail account and use it regularly then, you can check your mailbox anytime. You might not have turned the desktop notification on then, it will be irritating to check the tab all the time. When you are in Gmail, you can see the unread messages number on the tab. And at that time you won’ see the number of the new messages which come in case you pin the tab.

There is a setting that you can turn on to see a number of unread Gmail messages in the tab. You can see the count when you receive a new email. Not only this, but you also can see the count of emails that are unread yet.

Ways to see unread email count of Gmail in tab

As you are now aware of this feature of seeing unread and read email count in a tab so, let’s move ahead.  This method will display an unread-email count appearing in the Gmail icon in the Chrome tab. This setting is most useful if you keep the Inbox open in the pinned window that is smaller. If you regularly have so many tabs open to vic9ible number in the title.

Visible Gmail Unread Count in Tabs

You can move the unread count in the Gmail page title and allow it to show in background tabs or minimized windows.

  • Choose Settings in the Gmail Inbox Screen
  • And See All Settings and choose the Advanced tab
  • In the Unread Email icon section, choose Enable and choose the Save Changes option
  • After that, the Gmail Chrome tab will show the count of unread emails which you currently have

Turn on the count of Unread Message Icon in Gmail

  • Go to the Settings page to enable it very simply, in case if you think that this feature is useful

Activate unread email message count feature in Gmail

  • First and foremost, access Gmail by entering your credentials
  • Click on the cogwheel “Settings” icon that appears at the top-right corner
  • After that, choose the “Settings” option from the menu
  • You will see that Gmail Settings page and click on the “Advanced” tab
  • Now you can look for the “Unread message icon” and the description shows “See many unread emails are in the inbox with an immediate glance at Gmail icon on the tab header”
  • To turn this feature on, choose the “Enable” radio option that appears next to the “Unread message icon” option
  • Then, click on the option “Save Changes” option to make the changes

The web browser will reload the Gmail page and you will have all see unread message count on the Gmail icon in the tab header

Make the Unread Message count on Gmail Icon

You can show the unread message count on the Gmail icon and for that-

  • Login to Gmail account from
  • Click on the Settings icon that appears at the top-right of the window and then, click on See all settings
  • After that, choose the Advanced tab and scroll down and click on Enable option from the Unread message icon
  • Click on Save Changes to make the changes in the setting

The Gmail tab will refresh and you will see the number count on the Gmail icon which indicates the unread emails count in the inbox. When Gmail will refresh, you can now see the email icon in the tab with the number of unread emails.

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