Trip to Chand Bawri Stepwell in Abhaneri

Chand Bawri Stepwell – Abhaneri Rajasthan

The small town of Abhaneri was once a bright city full of lights and life. This small village, located near Jaipur, was a very vibrant city due to its rich history at the time. But, today, the city is in a basket of ruins because the ruins have fallen into the test of time. You can find so many places to visit in Jaipur, but this one get famous after 2010. So, now people opt for visiting Bawri Stepwell in Jaipur sightseeing tour. They ask tour operators to add Chand Bawri in their Jaipur sightseeing tour package.

Chand Bawri Stepwell in Abhaneri
Chand Bawri Stepwell in Abhaneri

Chand Bawri in Abhaneri Village

Abhaneri was once known as Abha Nagari, which translates to a bright city. The city was fantastic from the moonlight to the boiling water of the well. Today, huge steps and other ancient structures act as a path to the past. Although tourists rarely come to Abhaneri, it is a place to travel, even if it is for a half day trip.

Chand Bawri Stepwell in Abhaneri
Chand Bawri Stepwell in Abhaneri

Chand Bawri Good Step

When you first reach the stairs, you may feel very weak. There is no crowd, no photographer, not even a ticket office. However, there is a charm that will bring you even closer and make sure you are in the right place. When you enter the structure, you will witness the beauty of this place. It’s almost as if you’ve traveled to a new world. The intricate steps that go into the pit are mysterious and magical. Then you will know that you are in Chand Bawri, Abhaneri.

One of the oldest Qadam wells in Rajasthan, Chand Bawri in Abhaneri was built by Raja Chand in 825 AD. The pit is about 20 meters deep, although it looks much deeper when viewed from above. There are about 13 intricate and visually pleasing surfaces that create aesthetic images. It is also one of the deepest stepping wells in Rajasthan, giving it an added advantage.

The base of the stairs has about 3,500 steps, and the most interesting part of this structure is that no clips or mortars were used to connect these steps. These steps are cut in such a way that they fit together seamlessly. The craft is flawless. The other amazing part – these steps have remained unchanged for over 1,000 years – through earthquakes, hurricanes and even hurricanes!

Just stand a little in front of the stairs and look down when you imagine that this was the kind of statue that was there that day. You can also hire a guide who can tell you about the history and life that existed in this Chand Bawri.

Some quick tips for Abhaneri Trip

  • Abhaneri is very close to Jaipur. It is only about 95 km.
  • Harshad Mata Temple or Vishnu Temple is located next to Chand Bawri and both will be closed after sunset.
  • You can find so many place to visit in Jaipur but place like Abhaneri is rear.

When you get away from the temple and the cafe, try and go back and look at it for the last time, because. Look for cracked walls, broken bricks, and skin tones. Imagine what the sculptures were like before they failed the test of time, and just look at the whole scene for the last time and imagine the grandeur that once stood here.

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