Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Use Wrike

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Use Wrike

Famous for its focus on getting things done effectively, Wrike provides businesses with sufficient workflow customization. By using the software, you can make all the business processes more industry-specific. But this is not the only reason why your business needs to use Wrike. In this post, we will reveal the top reasons to use this project management software and, of course, Wrike pricing plans to help you get started.

The Compelling Reasons to Use Wrike Software

Some experts claim that Wrike software is quite versatile to be used in project management. At the same time, Wrike pricing plans offer a convenient free trial plan. This allows many businesses to try out all the innovative features offered by the software.

But, what are the compelling reasons for your business to use Wrike? What makes them chosen by many businesses and teams? Let’s discuss them one by one!

The Software Is Easy To Understand

With so much top project management software available on the market, many businesses are looking for the easy one. This means that the software will not require expensive setup or training. At the same time, it should also offer modestly tedious processes.

From the Wrike demo, we can see that this software goes beyond the practicality of previous leaders in the project management market. Wrike allows you to:

  • Track each contributor’s time
  • Easily monitor all the tasks in a custom calendar
  • Compare the project performance on a single page

Best of all, even if you have no experience in digital project management, Wrike helps you to run large projects and deliver them on time and on budget.

Wrike Helps You to Work Efficiently

If you can’t do all the activities with the software, it doesn’t make sense to invest in any project management software. With Wrike, you can do all the work efficiently. This software will assist you to:

  • Monitor all your tasks in real-time
  • Manage and share project-related documents
  • Make last-minute changes
  • Keep your contacts

In addition, you can integrate Wrike with any other app. In other words, apart from reasonable Wrike pricing plans, the software is the best to centralize and organize everything. Yes, you can manage all your information easily and effectively. Definitely, there is some other project management software you can choose from, But Wrike has turned out to be the most powerful of the popular platforms.

Wrike Is Flexible

Any Wrike review will tell you that the software is best known for its flexibility. Wrike allows you to customize workflows. This will be much better instead of linking tasks in a dependency chain or nesting activity folders together.

It may sound chaotic at first. However, the software certainly makes sense for multiple departments and teams. Especially for those that don’t focus too much on meeting project deadlines. So, if you have large teams working with partners and freelancers, there is no better choice than Wrike.

Helps You to Link Project Schedules and Task Dependencies

Indeed, adapting your own workflow and linking them the way you want is very practical. On the other hand, some companies prefer to implement disciplined transparency about who does what and how. Wrike software is perfect for this purpose. The software works well to:

  • Creates a timeline for each project automatically
  • Showing how tasks depend on each other
  • Including everyone who can contribute

After all, the real value of task dependencies is to discover what your business is driving them. Additionally, you can take screenshots to help teams and customers get used to it.

There Are No Unmonitored Metrics

Wrike compares metrics to help you make smarter decisions. This will be better instead of simply listing values ​​that your team members don’t understand. For example, you will be able to see how long it takes to complete a task. Then, you can compare this time to the estimated time value.

Offers Various Task Templates

When it comes to flexibility, you will love the simplified drag-and-drop mechanism from Wrike. This feature makes it easy to move tasks from one project to another. As shown in the Wrike demo, the software also provides various task templates and topics. The best part? You can move and duplicate the templates by using the easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Helps You Remove All Barriers between Departments

The most challenging part of project management is to give all the departments involved the role they deserve. For sure, a company has some ongoing internal and support projects being carried out by the sales or outreach departments. This is actually nothing less than a smooth takeover. Unfortunately, this still fails in most cases. Why? Because it can’t direct the end customer to the right department.

Well, a different case will happen when you use Wrike. No matter which Wrike pricing plan you are choosing, the customization offered by the software helps you to solve this problem. Wrike will help to manage your project effectively. This way, the migration between tasks will be seamless for any observer.

Most importantly, the roles will also be automatically assigned in the project timeline. As a result, this allows the actions to be taken regardless of whether the department is involved. Hence, making it easier for the assigned departments to manage the project.

Helps You to Manage Customer Relationships

Let’s admit it. How often do you see a project management software that can help you to manage customer relationships? Fast status updates and project views offered by Wrike software helps you to:

  • Collect customer data and contact information
  • Track status
  • Evaluate activity
  • Compile services and all other relevant information

How Much Does Wrike Cost?

Apart from its wonderful features, you will find Wrike cost to be quite cheap. There are various Wrike pricing plans you can choose from.

For a free plan with 2GB of storage, you will get the following features:

  • Limited task management for small teams
  • Built-in integration
  • Easy file sharing
  • Mobile application

On the other hand, if your team contains 5, 10, and 15 users, then you should go with the Professional plan. You can get this plan by paying $9.80 per user monthly.

You can also get a higher plan, such as a Business plan with 5 to 200 users or an Enterprise plan with 5 to unlimited users. Both these plans include all the features and more advanced features of the above plans.

Nevertheless, apart from reasonable Wrike pricing plans, this software is worth having!

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