Top 7 Best Wood Species For Making Door

Just picking any type of wooden door is not enough for your home, picking off the right wooden door which matches yourself and your home’s design and style. That’s why picking the right type of wood doors becomes very important.

Top 7 best species for door

Any wood species helps you to provide and achieve a different look in your space. The wood species which you choose for your door and how you finish it, that can make your home décor complete.

Good quality wood makes the door stronger, resistant, and more durable to shrinking and warping. Many of the best companies ensure that our doors meet our choice of quality standards. So we are going to describe those types of best wood which provide the best look for your door.

Poplar doors

This type of wood has a light brown color with greenish and yellow hues, it does not have the same wood grain intensity. Uniform nature of this fine wood grain makes it a popular and excellent choice for doors in spaces where more reliable, less rustic, and modern is required.

If you are looking for an affordable door in a painted finish, in this case we recommend you to choose a poplar wood door. This wood is also great for painting purposes because it does not have any intense grain pattern or wood knots. Which makes you skip the sanding and filling and go straight to painting with whatever color you’re envisioning.

Knotty alder doors

This is included in the most popular variety of wood which is used for interior door making. 

Its one and the great key characteristic that makes alder standup apart from other tree hardwoods is the knots in the grain pattern. These knots provide excellent and rustic charm to the door, and for barn doors making it a great choice. Excellent defined wood grain, make an ideal option if you want to stain fish.  

Naturally, this would have a light brown color, which sometimes features a yellow or peachy undertone. This color is also altered by stain, as the demand by customers. Stain highlights the wood grain and adds the great look of rustic, log-cabin.

Red oak

This wood is also included in the hardwood category, and it is excellent for working wood. It is associated commonly with furniture, like office desks, wood cabinets, and dining tables.

The reason for the popularity of this wood is its open grain. Whether you want tinted stain or clear stain. This red oak gives you a beautiful grain that helps bring a combination or touch of rustic beauty and also for tradition into your space. This is the property of this wood which stained it more than painted, with the help of it you easily do either.

Cedar door

Cedar is included in the hardwood category if you are looking for an exterior door of a barn, so this cedar is a great choice for you. Because of this exterior barn door, it’s only available in cedar. Cedar is greatly known for its aromatic quality. When humans enjoy the scent of its cedar wood, most of the insects find out its putting. Because cedar has a natural quality of insect-repelling. This wood is also resistant to moisture. Combining these two factors means that cedarwood is very durable when it comes to decay and rot.

The main benefit of this door is that it requires less maintenance than other types of wood. Many of its natural characteristics make it prone to shrinking and warping. This strongness and qualities always keep your home safe and insulated.

White pine 

Mainly, this wood comes from coniferous trees and in the creation of interior doors, it is best. Pinewood is known for its light brown coloring, close knots, and tight wood grain. If you are looking for something between alder’s knotty and poplar’s, this is an ideal wood for you.

This wood coloring and grain work well in country-style spaces. This is true, especially when you opt to have a light-colored stain and clear it to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. This wood does not have any knotting, it makes it difficult to paint but not impossible to do. The grain shows through paint unless you choose to fill the knots and the sand brown texture of its wood grain.

Cherry doors

This is included in the category of popular wood, which is mainly used to build fine furniture and high-end pieces. In its key characters reddish-brown color is included.

Many of the other hardwoods have well-defined or knotty wood grain, but cherry wood has a straight and fine grain that gives a wood a smooth texture. Its beauty is mainly known by its color, which makes light or clear stain perfect finish look in this wood.

Like many other wood species, cherry’s color also changes with time, it changes depending on their variety of factors. In some cases, the color of cherry wood has faded, and sometimes it’s reddish also and the tint may grow darker.

Hickory doors

If you’re looking for a strong wood for the door, in this case hickory is considered to be good with your overall décor and style.

This wood is one of the hardest commercially available hardwoods. The doors which are made up of hickory have great resistance due to their strength and natural density.

This wood is not only strong, but it also provides beautiful deep reddish-brown tones which provide a prestigious feel in your space. People who choose this wood for their interior doors for a light and clear stain of color, which shows off the true beauty of the wood’s by its color and also its some of the medium wood grain.


Every small little detail of your home goes to make sure that your space brings you comfort and energy. While often overlooked, your space door plays a major and great role in the overall feeling of your home. 

If you want great comfort, fit an automatic door system in your house, which provides you great reliability.

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