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Top 5 Social Networks for Students They Must Join to Gain Knowledge

Social networks are not only the platforms for sharing pictures of your hangouts. Still, it is more than sharing personal stories with a social circle. It has a vast number of applications in the field of education. Especially after the Covid pandemic, the role of social networks for students has increased drastically.

Most of the parents think that the role of social networks for students in the life of students is controversial. The majority of parents think that social networks waste their children’s precious time. Through, it depends on the viewer what they have subscribed and follow at these networks. So, this article by will discuss how students can use these social network sites to increase their knowledge bank.

Top 5 Social Networks for Students They Must Join to Gain Knowledge


It is one of the ideal platforms that both teachers and students can use for e-learning. TedEd is full of educational videos that are a helpful source of creating engaging lectures for the students. Unlike YouTube, we can turn the videos present on TedEd can into a lesson. The teachers can add follow up questions in these videos. These questions will help teachers to check the students understanding of a topic. The TedEd platform helps students in getting knowledge by breaking the content into four steps;

  1. Watch
  2. Think
  3. Dig Deeper
  4. Discuss

These four steps ensure effective learning outcomes among its learners worldwide. More, the TedEd club is talent encouraging. The TedEd- club offers students not only to get knowledge from the videos, but it allows Ted-style talks. It encourages the following things;

  1. Research
  2. Discovery
  3. Exploration
  4. Presentation skills

Further, you can get all these exciting features without paying money. TedEd provides free-of-cost services to all teachers and students being top among all social networks for students. It is easy to use and cater for almost all academic actives.


The ISTE is another praiseworthy e-learning platform. It is serving the word through ISTE standards. The ISTE standards include the following things:

  1. It offers competencies for teaching as well as learning.
  2. ISTE creates a roadmap for the international educational system in this digital age.
  3. It claims following learning experience for all learners;
  • Sustainable learning
  • Equitable learning
  • Scalable learning
  • High-impact learning
  1. ISTE is serving to bring technological advancement in the field of education.

Hence, ISTE is among from top significant social networks for students updating the teaching standards from the last 20- years.


While talking about the top knowledge-gathering social networks, how can we forget Brainly? Brainly gains importance as it is easy to navigate. The iOS and Android apps of Brainly make it accessible through a handset. So, students can even explore Brainly in their spare time.

Brainly provides homework services to the students.  Thousands of students can’t afford home tutors for their homework. Brainly is the one go solution for all of them. It offers a healthy e-learning environment irrespective of the student’s background. Its working principle is quite engaging. Here, you can ask questions that seemed most difficult. After receiving your questions, you will start getting answers worldwide in a few minutes.


Edmodo is famous as an educational social network for students. It is easy to use. It serves as an important educational forum. With Edmodo students can get their queries/concerns resolved in no time. In short, Edmodo is the one platform containing all tools that a teacher needs to manage the class. Edmodo is a social network for students to strengthen the teacher-students connection even outside the class. As a whole, you can consider Edmodo as the online education toolkit. Every student should join to grasp the knowledge at its peak.


Teamie is another online social network for the students of the school. In particular, it helps the students open new gates of knowledge. It is a platform where both students and teachers can work and learn together. The purpose-build of Teamie is to offer quality tools that may help the learning in the following ways:

  1. It helps in content delivery
  2. It helps in online formative as well as a summative assessment.
  3. Furthermore, it acts collaborating social site for teachers as well as students.

There are plenty of other social networks for students as they offer paid and free help. With these platforms, students can surely enhance their knowledge base.

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