Tips To Retain Your Car’s Resale Value

Owning a car used to be a relationship for years, but with the latest advancements, cars are launching every other minute with some high-tech feature while leaping forward over other cars in the market. This makes the car enthusiasts keep pushing for the best of the best, changing our cars so fast that we even keep our mattresses and mobile phones for longer than our car.

This tendency to purchase a new car with each new model launch has something to do with the variety of financing options available for purchasing cars. It includes PCP and leasing with the option of returning the car when you’re done with it, as well as taking complete ownership of the vehicle and selling it on your own. When you want to go for the latter, you would like to get the best value for it, and asking for the best value means you first have to take care of it and do everything necessary to retain its value. Moreover, if you’re leasing a car, you have to return the car in a good condition and prevent the car from excessive wear and tear while it’s in your ownership.

In this guide, our Car Repair Specialists have compiled a list of hands-on tips to help you retain the car’s resale value. So, let’s get started:

Wash, Polish, Wax, Repeat

When it comes to upkeeping the exterior of your car, few are those who keep on top of it even in the freezing temperatures of winter. As the proverb goes, the first impression is the last. Upkeeping the paint of your car in good condition helps you retain its resale value. The paint of your car starts to fade away with time if you leave it unattended. And once the paint starts discoloring it’s almost impossible to reverse it.

Although, what you can do to prevent the paint from discoloring is wash, polish, and wax it regularly to upkeep your car’s showroom shimmer.  If you keep your car washed, you can prevent the deterioration caused by dirt and road grime. If the stains are difficult to remove, you can use car polish to remove the blemishes gently. Don’t forget to wax the car twice a year at least for better paint protection and luster. You can also get Premium Car Polish and Waxing Service from Royal Tech Auto at the most competitive prices.

Clean The Headlights

Scratches and scuffs on headlights can cause them to look foggy. This not only makes them appear gloomy and grimy, but it also signifies that the headlights will not glow as brightly, explained by the best Auto Service Center in Dubai!

Many car owners entail cleaning the headlamps in their overall car care routine, but this shouldn’t be the case. Headlights should always be treated separately. There are several products available that are made solely for restoring car headlights and rear lights.

If your car’s lights appear dim even after a thorough cleaning, get your car a Headlight Restoration Service. The experts at Royal Tech offer at a reasonable price. Let the light take over the dark of night once again!

Keep Your Interior Sparkling

A car’s interior can have a significant impact on the resale value of your vehicle. And bad odors can detract from the look and feel of the interior. Interior maintenance is just as significant as exterior maintenance and therefore should be incorporated into your regular cleaning routine.

Clean all interior windows with a specialized glass cleaner and then use dashboard wipes to reinvigorate the appearance and finish of the interior. If the car mats appear worn, simply replace them before selling the car, as subtle changes like this would significantly improve the vehicle’s resale value. To make the interior smell more appealing to buyers, get a Car Perfuming Service at an affordable price.

Keep The Wheels Shining

There’s always something satisfying about a gleaming set of alloy rims, and prospective buyers will surely agree. If your alloy wheels look well-cared for, it will not only make the vehicle look fabulous, but it also says a lot regarding how it has been operated over time and how frequently it’s been washed or maintained.

Wheels are subjected to a lot of abuse daily and therefore can easily become covered in a layer of hazardous road grimes and exhaust fumes. Oxidation, rust, and corroding, as well as discoloration, can result from this. Wash your alloys regularly before using them to remove the road debris and keep those wheels shining like new!

Invest in A Preventive Maintenance Service

Neglecting minor mechanical failures may not seem like a massive issue to you. But they can put your care as an owner under question and end up, leaving a bad impression on the potential buyer.

Fixing the mechanical issues can save you from the headache of a hefty repair bill later on. And it will also help you extend the life of parts under the hood, increasing resale value. It’s also a good idea to invest in a full service before selling the car to demonstrate that you’re a responsible owner who cares about the vehicle’s upkeep.


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