The Significant Book Marketing Ideas For Self-Published Authors

If you just love writing and do not pursue that as a passion. You would not need to bother with marketing your context. But if you are interested in the publishing side, you would want your book to be read by the maximum number of your target audience. And all that possible by hiring a professional book marketing service.

Newbie authors usually avail the services of a book marketing company to promote their book. However, in this case, you need to master the additional skill of book marketing. It enables you to set clear and realistic goals because book marketing demands early planning and dedicated efforts.

Marketing for authors involves attracting and engaging your target audience by sharing more information about yourself and your book. It’s honestly just a matter of communication. This post will go over the powerful book marketing techniques. That will help you increase book sales by increasing your book’s visibility among your target audience.

If you’re a newbie to book marketing, this blog will help you market your book fruitfully. Let’s dive in!

Develop Your Own Blog & Website

Even before completing your book, you may help potential readers discover you. Improve your online appearance with articles that will show up in organic search results for your target audience. If your book is about taking care of your emotional health. For example, include the most recent scientific developments in the field, mixed with quotes from your book. If your book is a fictional work, you may write a review of some of the genre’s most popular books or memorable characters. A book marketing company can make this task very easy for you as they are the experts in this domain with several influencers onboard.

However, you can create a buzz about your book through giveaways and literary contests when your release date is near. Post premium content on your blogs or website to encourage your target audience. It will help you to develop a substantial mailing list and improve your website’s ranking.

Create Social Media Handles

Create a Facebook author profile as well as a Twitter one. Examine which types of posts and promotions receive the most likes, shares, and retweets. And use the information to increase your social media following and better engage with your target audience. Here, you can simply hire a book marketing company to effectively handle your accounts, as they have gained exposure over time with the strategies that work the best for your book.

Get Inspirations from Famous Books

When you gain inspiration from some famous authors and how they marketed their books, you examine their titles, cover designs, and typography that help you figure out what works best in your genre. Make a list of the ones you like best or don’t like at all, and consider why you came to that conclusion.

The benefits of studying the best books are countless. You’ll notice words and phrases that connect with and describe your target audience as you read their reviews. You might help your target audience discover your book through their search queries by providing that context in your book descriptions.

Throughout this process, observe the reviews that seem balanced yet insightful, as you can add those reviewers and approach them for a review whenever your book is ready.

Craft A Professional Cover Design

Would anyone give a second look to a book whose cover is excessively cluttered, has jarring colors and typeface, or appears unpolished and amateurish? Probably NO. However, a professional book marketing company featuring a competent design team can significantly help you create a well-designed cover that will increase the salability of your book.

Obtain Reviews for Your Book

Approaching reviewers of any of your past books with a free copy and a polite request is one of the best ways to get reviews for your new book.

If you’re a first-time author, search up Amazon’s top reviewers and make a shortlist of those who have written about books in your field. While Amazon does not allow reviews for pre-order books, if you have a paperback version of your book and have linked it to your unreleased eBook, any reviews left for the paperback will be carried over to the eBook. This way, your book will have social proof from the time it is published.

Likewise, you should also try to approach famous book bloggers and authors of your genre to promote your book and contact a newspaper for an editorial review. A book marketing company can be pretty handy in this case as they have the required experience and have many famous influencers on board to promote your book.


For authors who work with a traditional book publisher, book marketing strategy is of minimal value. The publisher will handle all aspects of book marketing and distribution. Including editorial reviews, book launch and signing events, a display at a book fair, newspaper feature pieces, and bookstore placement. On the other hand, self-publishing authors must figure out these issues for themselves, relying on as much assistance and inspiration as possible.

So, when you start implementing these marketing tips. You will experience and discover many other significant ways to promote your book that would help you reach more readers. The key is to get started. So, embrace yourself for a happy marketing journey!

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