The meaning of colors same in different cultures

Colors define the way we look at the world. It is the impact of colors that make the world a beautiful place for us. The impact of different colors is the variable, for example, the Red shows rage and danger. The Green shows calmness, there is an intangible relation with different colors and we conclude different meanings of colors. The womens summer clothing is all about the vivid coloring and representation of color combinations.  We connect various colors to express our emotions.

In art different colors signify various meanings, there is a universal association with the colors. It would be interesting to know, in different cultures one color has a different meaning. This difference is due to cultural and political association with different colors.

In this article, we are discussing the impact of color has the same impact in different cultures. 

The Color of Life: 

Red is the color of life, no matter what religion, race, or personal beliefs. The main reason the river of life flows through our veins is red. You can say that Red is the universal color of life around the world. It represents energy and force, and you can say it is the symbol of happiness in some parts of the world. People do love to represent their emotions and charm with the amazing color red. The red symbolizes the emotions of love  and it also reflects the opposite emotions.

The Color of happiness: 

Yellow is the color of happiness and the subsequent bloom of spring flowers. This color makes most people happy and people do relate this color with the spring season, as the cool winter season is over and the warm breeze of the sun coming back from the charming sun. This is the main reason we connect the yellow with happiness and it also represents bright youthfulness and it radiates warmth and joy around the world.

The Color of hope: 

Green is the color of hope, in the USA and Europe, green is usually believed to be a color of hope. This is due to the fact the green color is associated with the vegetation. This is the reason people are awaiting the spring season in the hope to see the vegetation around in their field.

The Color of inner stability and nature: 

Blue is associated with inner stability and with nature. When you look around, you can see this color everywhere due to the blue sky. This is the main reason people connect the blue with nature and it is amazing when it reflects from the ocean water and presents as blue color. The blue beaches around the world are the most desired destination of the tourists and the blue color attracts them through imagination.

The Color of death: 

Black is the color of death around the world, you can say, everybody wears the black color to represent sorrow and grief. Contrary to its association with death and grief, the black color is the number one choice of the designers, when they are designing a beautiful decision or designing the impressive clothing


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