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The Best Logo Design Tools Revealed

Logo design represents much more than a symbol. It is an emblem that’s instantly recognized by potential audiences. Logos are composed of visual styles and colors but it is the driving force that leads your brand to success. It is a known fact that customers avoid brands that have an ugly logo. So, even if you have a great product, you can hamper your sales and revenues because your logo isn’t good.

As a new startup owner, it can be really difficult to spend the money to pay for a skilled graphic designer. If you have little or no experience, how can you design a logo on your own? If you are also wondering how? Then don’t worry. In this article we will suggest you the best premium and free logo design tool online.



Hatchful is a logo designing service app for iOS and Android that lets you design a logo from scratch. More than 140,000 businesses trust it. You simply have to answer a few questions about your brand and product and the tool will suggest logo designs from hundreds of pre-designed templates. The advantage of using this tool is that it is free to use and even a beginner can create stunning customized logos in seconds. Select any template from hundreds of premade logo templates created by professional graphic designers. You don’t have to stop there. Download plenty of brand assets for your social media platform and grow your business online.

Hatchful provides incredible design studio, unique colors, stunning icons, great layouts, and much more to design a unique logo that is especially curated for your brand. Explore logo designs specifically for your business. Enter your brand’s goals and objectives and the logo maker will do the rest. This logo making service is free to use. They also have premium logo templates that you can use only if you buy them. You will only be billed if you decide to download these logo templates. In short, it is a portable tool if you want to design a free logo that is memorable and represents your brand.



Canva is the best logo making tool on this list. You can simply click from the homepage and into the logo editor. They won’t asked lengthy questions about what your business is or what services you offer. You will get instant access to hundreds of readymade templates. The templates are divided into categories such as badges, art, fashion, sports, entertainment, food, drink, automobiles, nature, and much more. Some of the free logo templates in this tool are unique and fun, but you will have to do the customization on your own to get the desired logo.

The design tool is really easy to use and has a lot of guiding articles and tutorials to assist you If you get stuck while designing. Once you are done designing and customizing, you can download your logo for free and use however you like.




Looka is an innovative AI-powered logo designing tool. When you head towards their website, you insert your brand name and click on the get started button. You are then asked to type in your industry. Once you have entered your industry, you will choose five logos from the given templates that you will use as inspiration. You can choose your favorite color and feed in a little more information about your brand. Then you will choose symbols for your logo, or you can let the tool select.  The tool generates hundreds of logo templates to give you a clear idea about your logo.

Once done, the tool will escort you safely to an editor where you will be able to make any changes you want before downloading it. You can download the logo for $20 or you can pay $96/year for an entire brand kit that includes letterheads, email signatures, social media profiles and posts, high resolution files, and invoices.

Tailor Brands


Tailor Brand is a great free online logo maker. The tool asks you to enter your business name and a slogan that describes your brand. You are then asked a few questions about your brand that includes: What you are offering? The industry you operate in? Your description? The tool then asks you some questions about your preferred style. You will then choose a logo type, font, and style. You will then get a more precise list of logo templates to choose from. The tool will also display your logo on social media platforms, t-shirts, business cards, flyers, and brochures.

Final Thoughts

Getting a well-designed, unique, and simple logo can be nerve-racking. You will feel lost as if you don’t know where to begin and you will think of hiring a professional graphic designer to get the logo. To help you get the best logo, we have compiled a list of the best services to make sure that your logo is unique and simple to make you stand out from the crowd.

This article will give a great head-start of where to get your logo designed from. So, get encouraged and get artistic! With all of the logo design tools and services mentioned above, you are good to go.

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