The Best iPhone Apps to Make Your Life Easier

What would you do if smartphones were to disappear suddenly? Life would be unimaginable, right?

Today, people depend highly on their smartphones for shopping, playing games, surfing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, staying connected with their near and dear ones, etc. As such, there are several applications available for all kinds of activities online.

If you are an iPhone user, you will find millions of apps in the App Store. The phone also comes with in-built apps like Calendar, Compass, Camera, etc., so you can start using the phone right away. However, users with a habit of installing multiple apps for their needs will soon fill their phone’s screen and may have trouble finding apps. One way to overcome this and declutter the screen is to hide the apps. But then these secret apps on iPhone are not uninstalled or removed. They remain on the phone, and you can access them when you need them using Spotlight search. Also check: Geek iPhone repair

If you seek to optimize your iPhone-using habit, here are some must-have apps you should download immediately.

  • Venmo

Venmo is PayPal’s mobile payment service, one of the easiest ways to send and receive money. Venmo boasts more than 52 million users, and it is ideal for shared expenses. So whether you want to split a bill, send gifts to your friends, or split the household costs, Venmo is the application you can use. You can even attach notes with each payment to help in better managing your finances.

  • Photomath

If you struggle to solve mathematical equations, Photomath is an application that must be installed on your device. It is better than any calculator you will find on the market.

Users need to take a picture of the math problem, and the app will solve it. The app works smoothly to help users solve all equations, including division and multiplication problems, geometry, fractions, and algebra.

  • Calm

Calm is a mindfulness application and one of the most popular in the industry. It offers guided meditations for a wide range of occasions and ailments. For example, you must take a deep breath and listen to a song or musing on enhancing sleep quality. Many celebrities use this app, like Camila Cabello and Harry Styles.

  • iTranslate

iTranslate is a revolutionary and popular application to hit the market. It makes communication easier for people who speak different languages. Typically, translators are text translators, but this application can translate text and live voice translation in more than a hundred languages.

The application seamlessly works offline, and it is excellent for travel. So, you can communicate with the locals without requiring Internet service.

  • Find My Family

Find My Family is an excellent application to have on your iPhone. You can share your location with your loved ones and friends. The application makes it easier to coordinate with your near and dear ones. In addition, users are allowed to view the location of their loved ones in real time on a private map.

The application notifies users when their friends come and go from work, home or school. The app can even alert you when your loved ones complete a ride. Furthermore, the app allows users to send messages and share photos with their friends.

Thanks to the crash detection service, you can safeguard your friends when they are driving. The app also allows you to find your stolen or lost phone.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is a valuable and well-known synchronization and file storage service. It allows users to access all the saved files from anywhere. In addition, you can invite friends, colleagues, or anyone to edit, comment and view files saved on the drive.

You can also set sharing permissions to edit, comment and view. The files can also be viewed offline if you enable the feature.

  • Flipboard

Flipboard is a fantastic app that curates information and news for your specific interests. It covers various subjects, including sports teams, tech, health, business, travel, and cooking. In addition, users can get their daily dose of national and local news in over 1,000 towns and cities in the USA and Canada.

If any story has grabbed your attention, you can add it to the Flipboard Magazine. Then, you can share the story with your friends.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a handy tool that helps users keep all loose ends in place. It is an upgrade from the traditional pen and paper. For example, you can use the app to store all the notes.

After taking notes, you can even organize them to find the note you are looking for quickly. The app is ideal for entrepreneurs, executives, writers, authors, etc. You can pen down your thoughts and even include audio, photographs, drawings, etc. Then, sync the notes across devices.

The Bottom Line

These are the best iPhone applications you can install to make your life easier.

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