The Best 3 Player Games of All Time

Warface [Pc, Xbox, Ps4, Switch]

Video game developer Warface uses the CryEngine 3 for its free-to-play online fps multiplayer game. For those who prefer PvP or player-versus-player battles, the game’s main focus is Warface.

Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer, Medic, or SED are all options. There is a distinct role for each class in combat. Medics tend to the sick and injured of their teammates. The armour is repaired and restored by engineers. The Rifleman provides additional ammunition, sustained fire from SEDs eliminates large numbers of enemies and snipers engage in close-quarters combat on the range.

Each class has its own unique combat loadout. Alternatively, players can work together to defeat AI-controlled foes. You already know the drill: better weapons and equipment.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege [pc, ps4, ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S]

Roguelike tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege is the sequel to Rogue Six Patriots, an overarching storyline tactical shooter. Like Tom Clancy’s first game since his death. Six Siege marks the beginning of a new era for the Tom Clancy series. Counter Strike-like gameplay has been incorporated into the game’s design.

Players assume the roles of the world’s most elite counter-terrorism units, each with a unique arsenal of weapons and gadgets. CTU (Counter Terrorism Units) are the American FBI SWAT available to play so you can satisfy your “FUN! Open up!” memes. Then there’s the British SAS, German GSG-9, Russian Spetsnaz, and French GIGN in the mix. As the game progresses, additional units can be added to these teams through DLC. Finally, there is an option for players who want to work with an operator that offers an even more extensive selection of options.

Customizing weapon

Equipment at the expense of customizing their weapon or having a special gadget. It is up to players to select an operator from any unit and choose where to spawn. Renown is the game’s in-game currency. You get more weapons and more cosmetics, skins, and boosters if you have a lot of renown. A heavy emphasis on environmental destruction means that you may be able to justify your goal by causing collateral damage. The tactical advantages of environmental destruction outweigh the costs, so… Seasonal Events have been added to this game because it is a multiplayer experience.

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Six Siege has a setting

Terrorism is on the rise three years after the Rainbow Program was deactivated. While their motives are unknown, the White Mask is causing worldwide chaos. A new agency has reactivated the Rainbow Program to counter this threat.

A leader who went by the name of “Six” only. New counter-terrorism teams are formed, and new recruits undergo rigorous training to prepare for White Mask. Students at a university are sent to disarm bombs planted by White Mask and eliminate any enemy presence. It was a huge success even though there were some casualties. Six’s decision to deactivate the Rainbow Program has been confirmed by this.

The latest DLC, Operation Shadow Legacy, sees the return of veteran Tom Clancy, protagonist and stealth master, who has been missing for some time and Sam Fisher is a legend.

World of Tanks [pc, Xbox, ps4, Switch]

World of Tanks is a fantastic video game, in my opinion.

Developed by the Wargaming West studio and dubbed “World of” because it is the earliest trilogy, World of Warplanes and World of Warships follow in the footsteps of World of Tanks. The gameplay is extremely straightforward. To begin the game, players are given a random map and a single armoured tank or self-propelled artillery vehicle to control.


Control over the vehicle’s movement and firing and communication with other players is entirely in the hands of the players. A random player wins the game if he or she destroys or captures the opposing team’s base. The mechanics of the game are the same in all of the game modes.

Various game mechanics are used in WoT, including camouflage, ricochets, module and personnel damage, and more. Up to 15 players are involved in a battle, with bots filling in the gaps, closely resembling automobiles are modelled.

Additional controls

Additional controls and gameplay improvements for their real-world counterparts. There are no in-app purchases or time-limited events in this game. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report. Your own stories are the only ones that exist, and they’re the only true ones.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) [pc]

Battlegrounds that are 100% accurate to the real thing. What do I do first?

In the Unity engine, there is no game as insane, out-of-the-box, drug-enraged, cocaine-fueled as this one. Like other battle royale games like PUBG, Freefire and so on, the player must traverse a shrinking safe area, collect equipment such as weapons to eliminate opponents and aim to be the last one standing. TABG, on the other hand, does not appear to have any issues

TANG’s special abilities.

To articulate the player characters, the physics engine generates exaggerated character motions such as stretching limbs and exaggerated kickbacks when firing guns. Everyone has access to TANG’s special abilities.

Dual-wielding weapons

Dual-wielding weapons, lava platforms, grenades that spawn entire houses, and firearms that shoot people into the air and cause them to explode are just a few of the more basic features that can be found. Then there are the blessings and the curses, or the good and the bad.

Such as a blessing in which you shrink by 40%, making it significantly more difficult to kill, or a curse in which you grow by 40%, making you an easy target. And nuclear weapons. It had to be nuclear. As far as I know, blue-skinned characters spamming oui aren’t going to bother you.¬†

Enlisted [Pc, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S]

Infantry, ground vehicles, and aircraft all engage in combat on the same map in Enlisted, an online first-person shooter. Isn’t that typical of a firefight? Enlisted, on the other hand, is a different storey. But, at the same time, each player controls a squad of four to nine soldiers, each representing a real-life division from their own country. Yeah.

Minimum Players

At the same time, a group of nine soldiers. At the same time, if you don’t have enough players or even the required minimum of four players, you shouldn’t be concerned. Only three people are needed to play the game. They’ll have three soldiers who can be controlled, while the rest will either be AI or not controlled.

Command a team

Alternatively, you can command a team of nine soldiers. The ability to quickly switch between your squad’s soldiers by pressing a single key is another new feature. You will no longer be a helpless bystander on the battlefield.

You were assassinated. The fight can be continued by simply switching to another soldier. This is how Enlisted makes sure you’re never out of the game.


There’s nothing I can’t handle. Save yourself by switching to your squad’s medic. Everything works!

You’re capable of controlling tanks, planes, and everything in between. Maps depict major World War II battlegrounds. Battle of Moscow, Normandy Invasion, Battle of Tunisia, and Battle of Berlin are all featured in a campaign with four distinct missions.

Main game modes

Assault, Conquest and Destruction are the four main game modes. Ranks allow you to advance  your soldiers from the ranks of common soldiers to the elite ranks of combat masters.


PUBG and Fortnite are out of this list because I believe everyone is already familiar with PUBG, and I will never recommend Fortnite to anyone. It’s a badge of honour for me as a gamer. I’m not going to sully it. Enjoy.


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