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Struggling With HHC Vape Pen Consumption? Here Are 5 Easy Methods You Can Adopt

Vaping is something that you should enjoy and not struggle with. But sometimes, if not often, people face difficulties using a vape pen. It is pretty understandable, though, especially when using a vape pen for the first time. Vaping is primarily common among younger people than those in their forties. So when a teenager or someone in their early twenties starts Vaping for the first time, it might initially feel like a tough job. But you do not have to worry because One can solve most of the problems relating to the hardware pretty quickly. Once you learn the process, it becomes pretty easy.

Many people all across the globe are taking an interest in the HHC vape pen. The massive popularity of these vape pens is that you enjoy the purest form of HHC without any adulterations. All one is required to do is tighten the screw and cartridge to the pen’s tip, and you are good to go. However, if you have some technique-related issues after using vape pens, you need to address that specifically. Here, we have given five easy methods to adopt if you struggle with HHC vape pen consumption.

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What Is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol is the hydrogenated form of THC. The term “hydrogenated” means a chemical process by which hydrogen atoms from an external environment attach to the primary chemical structure of THC with specific bonds.

Even though it does not look like a highly complex process, manufacturing HHC requires high precision. The companies that make HHC from THC use nickel as a catalyst and form Hexahydrocannabinol under high pressure. The hydrogen atoms bind to the THC structure by replacing the double bonds present primarily in it. This small change in the structure makes it less potent to bind to the TRP pain receptors than Delta-9 THC.


5 Easy Methods To Deal With HHC Vape Pen Consumption

We understand finding the correct method for HHC can be difficult. Sometimes people struggle to find the proper process to help them enjoy all the benefits of HHC. So here are five easy ways that will aid you in providing a fulfilling experience.

1.     Mouth to Lung

Vaping is the healthier alternative to tobacco-based products. The method that can make the HHC vaping process more enjoyable is that you can keep the fumes in your mouth after you slowly draw them in. The best way of experiencing the effects of Hexahydrocannabinol is to draw it slowly for maybe 3 to 5 seconds. Unlike smoking which you inhale and exhale at a faster pace, this slow method helps to provide a better effect.

The vapor fumes in your body absorb when you compare them with a regular cigarette. The mucus membranes, especially the ones in the cheek and mouth, absorb the HHC vapors you take in through the vape pen. When you draw the fumes through your mouth, it passes over your taste buds. The gustatory receptors in the oral cavity allow greater enjoyment, especially when using HHC vape pens.

2.     You Can Control The Fumes Intake

One of the key reasons behind the massive popularity of vape pens is the option to control the number of fumes. But, unfortunately, you have no command over how much fumes you intake in a regular cigarette. The provision to do that in HHC vape pens helps you control the amount of HHC you want to inhale. For example, sometimes, during the day, you may want to take a slight drag of HHC. In this scenario, you can reduce the fume the vape pen generates and inhale that with your mouth.

3.     Fumes Go Directly To The Lungs

The lung method is perfect for public places. Smoking in most parts of the globe is strictly prohibited in public places like parks and metros. However, that rule does not always apply to vape pens, but there may be people around who do not know about this, and it might cause a problem with the smoke you exhale.

The process of reducing most or all of the vapor released from the mouth is known as stealth Vaping. It is an excellent option in public areas where smoking may be problematic. You inhale the vapor through your mouth, keep it there for a while, and it directly goes into the lungs. Then, inhale a small breath of air after a short while before exhaling it. This process allows all the fumes to go to the lungs directly, but one cannot visibly see any smoke coming out of your mouth.

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4.     Using Disposable Pens

Disposable vape pens are a great way of vaping HHC. They are pretty concise in design and easy to carry around. You use it as long as the battery or the e-liquid is running and dispose of it. Since you throw it off once the battery has no charge left, there is no problem with maintaining or cleaning them. The pocket-friendly prices of these pens are also one of the reasons for their popularity. These disposable pens are an excellent option for people trying the HHC vape pens for the first time.

5.     Choose Your Cartridge

We all know that everyone has a different preference when it comes to smoking or vaping. Some people may be heavy smokers who would require a more potent cartridge, and for others, a lower concentration may work. The provision of choosing and customizing according to your vaping preference is of great help. For example, a long slow draw is enough for people with more potent cartridges. However, a cartridge with a lighter strength is needed for people who enjoy social smoking because they need frequent draws. So it is more like a matter of preference. In addition, it will help you cope with potency problems one incurs while vaping.


The Bottom Line

How you vape HHC is a very personal choice. Some like to vape it occasionally to experience the trance; others may enjoy frequent drags. HHC vaping is unquestionably a healthier choice when we compare it to tobacco smoking. Due to the absence of the carbon monoxide that generates when nicotine burns, HHC is a far better choice. With the proper techniques, you can experience the effects of cannabinol and enhance the effects.

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