Structure and Ways of Writing an Essay

Essay writing is an essential requirement every student must complete. This makes it a basic requirement all students need to master as these skills will be helpful in every person’s career.

Writing an essay requires students to master two essay writing steps –

  • Which include mastering how to write an essay
  • Using the correct essay structure.

These factors will be discussed in this article to help make essay writing easier for students and professionals.

Ways of Writing an Essay

The first step of writing an essay involves determining the essay research question or topic. It is essential to select a topic you have adequate knowledge on or access adequate literature. This is important as it dramatically reduces the research efforts needed and increases the accuracy of the information reported to the essay. Selecting highly complex topics that are out of the individual’s expertise will only complicate the research process and result in unclear findings being reported in the essay.

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing is another critical stage of essay writing help in which the writer must invest their full attention to detect and correct mistakes. It is advisable to take a break of at least 24 hours after completing the essay, which will help refresh the writer’s mind after they can start proofreading and editing the essay. For example, the writer must proofread one paragraph and again proofread the same paragraph before moving to the next paragraph. It is also wise to use a text to speech tool to help read the text back to the writer. The text to speech tools is automated, which means they do not miss-spell and type mistakes, and by listening to the essay, the writer will better be able to detect any mistakes in the essay.

Structure of an Essay

However, every essay comprises three sections, namely the introduction, body and conclusion and each section plays a vital role in developing a clear and eye-catchy essay. Unfortunately, many people miss this vital step, resulting in many essays, introductions and conclusions mismatching the body contract and message. It is therefore essential to understand that you only need to add a line or two to the essay introduction, after which you need to turn your attention to completing the body section first, after which you will need to return to complete the introduction and finalise the essay by writing the conclusion.

Essay Body

Meanwhile, essay bodies are the most critical section of every essay as they carry the information the writer has researched and their identified findings. This makes it essential to invest the majority of time towards researching for information, organising and compiling the essay.

Essay body word allocation

The essay body carries the majority of information and must therefore carry the majority of the essay word count. A simple way to ensure your essay body has adequate content is by allocating 80% of the total essay word count to the body section. This subdivision delivers a precise estimate of word count dedicated to the body, and word distribution can be done. 

Use of headings and subheadings

Most essays do not require headings and subheadings, but the essay writer should include them as this makes it easier to organise the essay based on which more accurate essays can be written.

After completing the essay, you can simply delete the headings and subheadings.

However, headings are essential for organising the essay and ensuring it flows smoothly,

Allowing the reader to follow the essay easily. 

Length of sentences

Meanwhile, it is best to keep essay sentences short, which enhances the sentences’ clarity. Sentences must not exceed two lines or a maximum of 20 words. Log sentences result in sentence distortion, which hurts the essay quality.

Essay introductions

After writing the body, proofreading and editing the essay, you need to move your attention to preparing the introduction. The introduction acts as a synopsis and overview of the information the reader can expect within the essay body. The introduction consists of approximately 10% of the total essay word count; therefore, the essay writer must deliver clear and to the point information on the introduction.

Essay conclusion

Conclusion of the essay, summarises the information discussed in the essay body,

And includes some recommendations of findings identified while researching this essay.

It is essential to include the recommendations,

And findings as this demonstrates the writer’s views on the research and information reported in the essay.

Review, proofread and finalise the essay.

Once the writing of the essay is complete, the writer needs to take a minimum of 24 hours break and take time out to indulge in a different activity before working on the essay. In other words, this helps the writer divert their attention from the essay, which helps with relaxation and concentration. The writer then needs to proofread and edit the essay annually, one paragraph at a time to minimise errors.

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