singaporebased matchmove shopmatic 200m

Singapore-based startup MatchMove Pay has recently achieved a major milestone with its acquisition of Shopmatic, a global e-commerce platform. This move has been announced to be the largest ever venture capital investment in the region, with a 200 million dollar funding round. This marks an unprecedented move in the e-commerce sector as it can potentially set new trends for other companies to follow. It also signals the potential of Singapore’s startup ecosystem to attract investors from around the world.

Singapore-based MatchMove and Shopmatic have announced a massive funding round of $200 million. This news comes as an exciting addition to the growing FinTech sector in Singapore, which has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. The money raised will be used to fuel further expansion into regional markets, such as India and Southeast Asia. singaporebased matchmove shopmatic 200m

Singapore-based MatchMove, a leading fintech solutions provider, has recently announced the successful completion of its Series B funding round. The investment raised an impressive sum of US$200 million, making it one of the largest funding rounds for a fintech company in Southeast Asia. This latest move further bolsters the position of MatchMove as a leading player in the payments and business solutions space.

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