Why Is It Necessary to Stand in Arafat During Hajj?

How much does Hajj Cost from UK 2022?

Hajj and is a religious obligation and is the last essential pillar of Islam. Arafat is one of the most important days of Hajj without which Hajj is consider incomplete. The 2nd day of Hajj is Arafat. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) also declared that Hajj is Arafah. There are several hadiths emphasizing the importance of this special day. The name Arafat is also mention in Surah Baqarah of the Holy Quran. The following are some of the viewpoints why this day is called Arafat or Arafah:

  • ¾ Arafah was the location where Adam and Eve reconnected after being sent down to earth in Saudi Arabia. They landed in two separate places but were finally able to reunite and identify one another on this plain. Arafah indicates “to get acquainted” in Arabic, therefore according to this interpretation, Adam and Eve met on the territory we now call Arafah.
  • ¾ The term A’rf means fragrance, and also because the plain of Arafah are places where Allah’s (SWT) compassion (Rahmah) and forgiveness descend, people would characterize the day, the land, and its inhabitants as being scented with this heavenly and mystic fragrance “Arafah.” Furthermore, because of the Rahmah or compassion that descended upon the crowd, the little peak on the plain where several Hujjaj wished to stand was named the Rahmah “Mercy” mountain.
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Arafat Crowd Reminds the Day of Judgment

The gathering of Hajjis in Arafat is similar to when people will gather on the Day of Resurrection. Arafat crowd is one of the largest gatherings of the world and physically and financially capable Muslims from all over the world perform it. Though Arafat is close to Mina still it takes a lot of time to reach there due to the heavy crowd. Muslims bear the warmth and rising temperature of the Arafat plain which resembles the Day of Judgement.

Special Virtues of the Day of Arafat

  • The ¾ day when God completed Islam’s religion
  • ¾ The day when Allah Almighty declared that He (SWT) had chosen and approved of Al-Islam as the religion of the believers till the end.
  • The day ¾ when Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) presented Khutbah Al-Wida
  • ¾ It is the day when Prophet (P.B.U.H) bore witness 3 times before the believers and God that he had finished the divine task of His Messenger ship. He successfully conveyed the message of Islam and the Quran to humanity.

In Short

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