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There are many other music streaming applications on the market. However, if you’re seeking a top-of-the-line music streaming application with the latest features and functions you will be delighted by Resso Mod Apk.

Introduce Resso App

Resso is an app for social media streaming made available through Moon Video Inc. Apart from listening to music; it allows you to comment and share your favourite music with other users directly through the application. Additionally it also comes with a intelligent AI feature that automatically plays songs you like based on what you like. As you continue to use the application along with it, you will notice that the AI feature will become better and will deliver the songs you love to you.

Contrary to other streaming music apps such as YouTube Music or YouTube Music it doesn’t requirement to push the forward button in order to change the track. You can do this by sliding the screen in the same way as it is with Tik Tok or Instagram reels.

The app comes with a vast collection of music that span every genre. It is also accompanied by a variety of stunning features that allow you to express your opinions about the music via comments on the lyrics. In addition, it lets users to create playlists as well as share your playlist with the Resso community to ensure that others are able to enjoy your playlist.

Attractive user interface

It also has an explore menu to look up your top albums or songs. The main feature of the application is the option to alter the background of the player. There are a variety of stunning backgrounds to choose from. You can choose one of them and use them to alter your background for the player.

A music player that is packed with features

As opposed to the traditional streaming music apps, Resso is entirely different and packed with top-of-the-line features that let you comment, like and share your favorite songs. In addition, it lets users to connect with their acquaintances or others via sharing the thoughts about the songs you love. You can also use videos and gifs to show your story. Additionally, you can also upload new videos or gifs to convey your personality.

Make lyrics and quotes from songs.

Resso comes with an extensive music library. Nearly every song has lyrics that are available in multiple languages. If you are unable to find lyrics for certain songs, you can ask for the lyrics of that song or you can write lyrics to the song, and upload them to the application. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn money for uploading or writing the lyrics.

Music collection that is personalized

As I have previously mentioned that the app comes with an original AI feature that provides you with the music that matches your preferences. It comes with a personal music library, where you can discover the various categories of music, including Bollywood mix English mix, romance tracks, new releases workout music, the most popular songs, weekly releases and other charts and albums.

So , if you’d like to make reels or short videos, you could utilize the tracks and dialogues in the application.

Mod APK Version of Resso

Additionally it comes with an unadvertised interface that will make streaming seamless and smooth.

Mod features

You can avail ad-free songs with high-quality streaming, unlimited skips, and other top features.

Download Resso Mod Apk 2021 for Android

Resso Mod apk is a new music streaming application that has seen lots of popularity and appreciation rapidly. It’s packed with a variety of incredible features that aid users in connecting with new people through music. Additionally, it provides you with fun and entertaining videos, something none other music streaming software can do.

You will need to purchase the premium subscription for either Rs99/month or Rs699/year. However, you can access all premium features no cost through.

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