Reasons Why You Should Consider E-Commerce Address Verification


E-commerce is the future of business, and the world is flocking towards this modern version of a supermarket. If you are an online store looking for something that can uber-lift your venture, address verification is what you need. Your brand value depends upon your customer service and accuracy. Credible address verification services can make the job easier. Here is everything that you should know about e-commerce address verification: 

What is address verification all about? 

When a customer orders, you need to know whether the location is correct and, more importantly, accessible. Address verification does just that. E-commerce outlets cannot afford to misplace regulation orders as customers expect to receive the order when they place it. The need to verify the address arises from the want of accurate and timely delivery. Here are the top 5 advantages of address verification you need to know:

  • Business growth is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. 

With auto-completion and geocoding provided by the address verification services, the customers find it easier to place an order. Address verification tools are an essential part of the background company verification process. The verification service uses an application programming interface or API to manage the inputted address. It corrects the typos in the address and averts a big problem.  

The process followed by an API is tabulated below: 

Function What is it?
Address Lookup This uses official databases to compare the user-entered addresses. It then verifies and normalizes the data accordingly.
Address Add-ons  It adds the ZIP codes, coordinates of latitude and longitude, district boundaries, etc.
Auto-completion and Geocoding Address verification API is intelligent enough to autocomplete the entered address after comparing official data. 

This is a direct relation; timely and accurate delivery brings customer satisfaction. Hence, automatically bringing new customers while ensuring that the old one’s return. This organically grows your business and your profits.

  • Value their time, and customers value your brand.

Address verification saves time, and there is more than one reason behind it. Once you get the correct address, it means that you don’t require sending additional emails or risk parcel misplacements. It is a relief for your staff as well. They don’t have to work for the same order time and again. The businesses that value time are valued back in return and attract more customers. Time is money everywhere, 365 days a year, and once verified, delivery becomes lightning fast. You can save time, money, customers, and employee productivity with address verification services.  

  • Your online business will grow at a booming pace.

Automatic address completion and specialized geolocation services increase your website conversion rate. Address verification makes your checkout process simple and turns visitors into buyers. While it may sound unimportant, the user-friendliness of a site’s interface determines its conversion rate. Address verification makes the site interactive and easier to use. The virtual market is becoming increasingly competitive, and to satiate your customers on your e-commerce website should feel different.

You can expect an increase in the lucrativeness of your sales because the customers will stick to you. Once you know the address, you can choose your marketing strategy accordingly. You can have a way of knowing what’s trending where and you can lift your game. Suppose you know that a certain kind of product used in packaging is not preferred in place X. You can avoid such mix-ups entirely by knowing the correct address. This will leave the impression that you know and care about your customer’s preference.  

  • No hassles and no productivity lost.    

API automation works like magic on your e-commerce venture. Utmost convenience and easy streamlining of address verification add to your business’ charm. You will no longer have to worry about packages being returned because of incorrect addresses. API’s intelligent address input will always give you accurate results, and you can work accordingly. This makes your business hassle-free, and you can avoid loss of productivity. 

  • Correct address means an increased market footprint.

When you get your customers’ accurate addresses, you now have a record of where your best buyers are coming from. You can use the insights to nurture customer relations, work on promotions, and offer discounts to regular visitors. While your products speak for you, customer follow-up and communication through direct mail marketing always help. You can use email marketing, branded merchandise, or other marketing efforts to boost your profits while counting on your best buyers. 


Undelivered shipments can create havoc on your business reputation and dilute your credibility. If the customers don’t get what they pay for, they get frustrated and leave. Your customer relation that was supposed to be a promising story will become a cautionary tale. Consult one of the address verification services to save time, customers, and money. They will also shorten and ease your checkout process, resulting in happy and satisfied customers.   

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