Reasons for Choosing a Farm Stay for Your Next Corporate Retreat

You are probably in a fix when it is time to choose a venue for the next big corporate event, and rightfully so. The entire experience can be a make-or-break situation when dealing with your delegates. 

So, why not play into the Aussie emotion and book a farm stay in NSW South Coast? After all, Aussies love their farms. 

And who wouldn’t like a calm and relaxing retreat in a family-friendly NSW farm stay on the unspoilt South Coast? Moreover, it doesn’t get any better if you are concerned about the size of the venue, the ambience and the location. 

Here are the top three reasons why an Australian farm stay is a perfect choice for hosting your next big event!

1. An Offbeat Choice of Venue 

The purpose of your event plays a big role in choosing the venue. But whether it is a strategy meeting, a conference, or a board meeting, comfort should be a priority. Also, having a wide range of areas where people can gather easily is a good idea. 

So, there are three things to consider, the space, the comfort, and the purpose. 

farm stay in NSW South Coast provides the perfect opportunity to accommodate all three factors while adding a wow effect to the event. 

This farm stay offers the perfect amount of luxury amidst the rich wildlife, away from the clamours of the city. The best part is that most farm stays near the NSW South Coast are a few hours’ drive from the main city. 

One should not forget the offbeat choice of venue also offers you a chance to impress and awe your guests. 

2. A More Cost-Effective Solution 

With the NSW government attempting to promote agritourism, farm stays in NSW South Coast might be easier on the pockets too. 

This is a massive opportunity for businesses to benefit from these romantic gateways. It is a growing sector expected to become an $18.6 billion industry by 2030. 

Plus, there is no shortage of amenities, thanks to the numerous cafes, cellar doors, roadside stalls, and small venues around the area. 

3. A Unique Experience for the Guests

Hosting an offsite meeting also provides the perfect opportunity to include some fun activities that can boost camaraderie among the guests.

So, the unique experience that a farm stay offers is sufficient to consider it the perfect venue. 

You can even include plenty of things in the event, such as a group activity, like a game of cricket. Or you can conduct an outdoor cinema experience to engage the guests if they bring their families. 

Even hosting a presentation at an offbeat arena like a farm stay can never fail to impress the guests. 

A well-equipped farm stay in NSW can also offer indoor event spaces alongside some outdoor areas. The beautiful setting among nature comes equipped with long table dinners, banquets, and boardrooms. 

It is the perfect canvas to paint your imagination as you desire. 

4. Conclusion

The NSW South Coast is a vast area that offers many choices regarding farm stays. From the sleep coastal towns of Austinmer and Thirroul to the golden sand of Gerringong, each farm stay provides something unique. 

So, the next time you run short of ideas for choosing a perfect venue for your corporate guests, give the farm stay a try. You will not regret it. 

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