Play Ideas With Your Child

Children’s emotions nowadays are getting more expressive than previous generations. Parents who want to raise a child and teach the way they were raised are not effective for the current generation. Some examples are the strictness and the negative reinforcements (i.e. scolding) but unfortunately, kids today will not be tougher if they receive this kind of treatment. The new generation needs more motivation, happiness, and support rather than receiving whips, yells, or criticism.


With all that being said, here are the play ideas for parents when they want to spend quality time with their children. We will have a checklist, the first thing to check is the child’s IQ or focusing on the child’s brain and problem-solving skills, second is their body with physical activities, and the third is the child’s EQ or emotional quotient to rationalize better.


Fur Reinforcements


Isn’t it nice seeing your child and puppy/kitten (or any other newborn animal) grow together? They will have a bonding no one can break with additional protection and additional happiness. Playing with your child and with your pet can relieve stress and improve your mental health. As they say, “Dogs are man’s best friend” 


Puzzle Mania


Puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles, shape puzzles, and even building blocks develop your child’s intelligence by letting them think with accompaniment of fun and it also improves the child’s memory that he/she will bring until he/she grows up. Puzzles are not what most people think it is, hard and boring, because puzzles are actually fun and relaxing since you will just sit down and solve the puzzle.  


Physical Training For The Young Ones


When we are done forming the child’s IQ, it is time to focus on the child’s physical health with activities like biking, playing catch or just simply playing at the playground. Physical activities are beneficial due to the fact that a healthy body can fight sickness and can mostly survive the harsh environment. Since some sports also start with a young age, the child’s potential is already unlocked at a very young age which can lead to a great career for the coming years as the child grows.


Movie Night With The Fam


IQ improvement is checked, body health and condition is checked so the last one is the child’s emotional quotient and I personally like giving the child something good to watch to reflect on and follow its path. There are many movies or series that provide child well-being and give them proper examples to follow.


Key Takeaway


A parent-child connection is the most important in families. And if that connection weakens or worse, breaks, then both parties will learn from it. With families experiencing the broken bond, the child suffers the most because he/she is still learning how to handle life. So the parents need to act casual and give their children proper attention and care. 


Even doing simple acts of kindness towards children can have a big impact on the child. It is because he/she sees motivation and a reason not to worry. So always choose kindness, always make time and avoid violence and negativity when you are raising a child. Remember, children are the future of everyone, raise them the right way. Playing with your child could be a great bonding experience and can be a way to have a healthy relationship with you child.


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