Pique is such a shirting fabric that is usually knitted or sometimes even woven. In whatever way out of these two, it is made, it generally has a visible texture which can either be raised ribs in case it is woven or waffle-like in case it is knitted. It is this textured pattern that gives it a fine as well as quilted look. These are not only stylish but also quite comfortable. You can easily buy this type of shirt online, for example, you can easily buy pique shirt full sleeve online from any site. The uniqueness of this fabric simply lies in its structure and it makes it more attractive and fashionable as well. Here, we shall discuss some basic characteristics of this type of fabric.



The most important reason to choose this over the other fabrics is that it crumbles comparatively lesser than most of the natural and synthetic fabrics and thus it challenges many old and new varieties of textiles in the tough market competition. You can easily buy mens pique shirt online as it is much popular in the men’s section of clothing and thus is easily available.


This is again another significant benefit of this fabric as due to its hygroscopic nature, it absorbs most of the sweat and also allows the air to pass through. For this reason only, today this fabric is not just limited to the making of shirts but has also entered the bath accessory market and is used to make towels and bathrobes. This fabric is not just attractive but also quite breathable and casual material.


In comparison to other fabrics that require high maintenance as specific instructions are to be followed while washing or ironing. But in the case of pique, this does not affect the quality of the fabric at all. While most of the fabrics tend to fade their color away in the sunlight, the outfits made from this fabric continue to dazzle for long years even after being washed many a time and are hardly affected by the sunlight. So, it is much resistant to sunlight and does not lose its color attributes even if dried under the rays of the sun.


Most of the pique fabrics are made from cotton that is 100 percent organic and thus the chances that it causes allergic reactions on your skin or it in any way affects your skin are reduced to a great extent. So, this is undoubtedly the best fabric that you can wear in case you have sensitive skin. Otherwise, also, this fabric does not cause any discomfort or itchiness.

The reasons that this fabric is gaining popularity are many such as easy-to-care-for, breathable, stylish, etc. Men’s pique t shirt and the shirt are available both in half sleeves and full sleeves. So, you can buy the one you prefer to wear. It not only makes you look good but also feel good.

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