Online Guide to Pay Gurgaon Property Tax for the Taxpayers

With this tax amount, the Government provides necessary civic amenities to the residents of the city. This MCG property tax applies to all urban properties of Gurgaon, leaving the religious properties. For tax payment, residential properties are segregated into apartments, flats, independent houses, and empty plots in the city. Therefore, the charges differ depending on the type of residential property that one owns.

You also don’t have to visit the local offices or pay bribes to pay property tax in Gurugram.

How to pay MCG property tax online?

Residential property owners in Gurgaon can pay tax amounts in both online and offline modes. One can pay property tax online by following the steps mentioned below:

1- Individuals need to visit the official website of Gurgaon Municipal Corporation for paying MCG property tax

2- Now, one can enter their unique property ID or their address, locality and owner’s name

3- After that, Find the Tax Information

4- This step is very important as individuals need to check the payable amount and make the payment via their preferred online mode.

This receipt is essential as it will substantiate the loaning application and is one of the required statements under the list of documents needed to apply for a loan against property.

Property tax in Gurgaon: An overview

Usually, citizens of Gurgaon can make all payments online. Paying MCG property tax is now convenient as individuals can make their tax payments through different virtual channels using different online payment modes. MCG introduced a new tax-paying system in 2013, intending to simplify property tax evaluation tax-paying procedure. It further allows individuals to assess their tax responsibilities depending on the rates applicable to the type of residence.

Individuals must note that the residential properties with a measurement of up to 300 square yards belonging to paramilitary personnel, freedom fighter’s family, defence personnel are free from paying MCG house tax. Additionally, individuals paying property tax within 45 days from the notification date can enjoy a 30% rebate. Those who pay taxes before 15th April of the respective year are provided with a 10% concession.

Paying property tax is essential for individuals willing to avail any secured credit, such as a loan against property.

Failing to pay property tax on time will incur interest of 1.5% every month. If there is any wrong declaration, individuals will be charged with a penalty and an interest amount altogether.

Modes of Payment

Besides, individuals can choose to pay offline, wherein they need to visit Property tax collection centres across Gurgaon. For bill payment in offline mode, center representatives will verify certain property details, which individuals need to present. Similarly, like online payment, one can collect the MCG property tax receipt for future reference.

As already mentioned, it is a mandatory document for individuals applying for any secured credit. Therefore, paying online property tax on time is important to avoid penalties.

Borrowers availing a loan against property from reputed financial lenders can also avail pre-approved offers. These offers work as an additional benefit for borrowers that will accelerate the loaning procedure and reduce the hassle of documentation. One can avail of these exclusive offers on various financing options, such as a loan against property, home loan, etc. Hence, debtors can check their pre-approved offers online by submitting their names and contact information.

Therefore, for paying MCG property tax online, individuals need to follow these guidelines, which will allow them to complete the payment without any hassle.

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