How can I fix Netflix is not working on my smart TV?

Yes, we all know that Netflix is our favorite companion nowadays. It has been this way for a long time now. It was back during the initial days of a pandemic that most of us came on OTTs for entertainment. This was so because all other entertainment sources saw a sudden closure. But now even when we are in a bit better situation with the vaccine and everything there is no one leaving Netflix behind. But, yes as with the application there are so many technologies that are there. Therefore, sometimes the users are stuck such as with Netflix not working on smart TV.

Netflix not working on smart TV-

So, here for all those users who do not belong to the technical background and are stuck with the problems like this where the Netflix application is not working on the smart TV let us all look for some solutions. Well, there are many solutions to this problem. But deciding which one would be helpful is not feasible. The user will need to play the game of hit and trial.  One of the solutions might work for the fix of the problem.

Check Netflix severs – The issue can be due to some service-related issues, so the first thing to do is please check if the service is down from Netflix’s end.  One can check this through the Netflix status page.  If everything seems good there then the user should go for further solutions to apply for the fix of the problem.

Unplug the smart TV – Well, this is the oldest trick to try but yes the trick is still strong enough. You should UN plug the TV from the main power for a while should plug it back once again and see.

If even after this, the issue is there and you are unable to stream Netflix on your smart TV, then please move ahead and try the next solution.

Sign out Netflix-

You should log out from your Netflix account, and then you should further log in again and see if you are able to use Netflix on your smart TV  after that or not.

In order to log out of Netflix on smart TV follow the steps given below

  • Please open the Netflix home screen
  • Next, please go to the menu there from the left choose the option “get help”
  • After that choose the option sign out
  • At last click on “yes” to confirm

If still you are stuck and the issue is still there. You are not able to get through the problem of Netflix not working on your smart TV, then for a solution to that, the next thing that you should do is remove the app from the TV and then install it once again.

In order to remove the app from the TV follows the steps given below-

  • On the remote press the home button
  • Next, open the Apps tab
  • After this, choose the “settings” cog
  • Then, in the list of apps look for Netflix and choose “delete”

After removing it wait for some time and then again install it on the TV, in most cases this works and the issue gets a fix.

There are also chances that the problem is with the updating of your Netflix application, if such is the case then please follow the steps given below-

  • Open the settings menu
  • Next, go to “support “
  • After this, choose software update
  • At last click, the option “update now”

The issue can be because of smart TV updates as well, just in case to check all the apps for update the user should follow the given steps-

  • You should press the smart hub button
  • After this move to “featured”
  • Next, please look for the Netflix app
  • After this, please press and hold the enter button
  • Then, in the submenu, you will need to go to “update apps”
  • Select All
  • At last click on update

If you still need to know anything more, related to Netflix not working on a smart TV, the best option would be to get in touch with the team of technicians they are available for help always you can go to them whenever you feel like it.

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